Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm getting new phone

My N73 siao siao edi. I dont know since when the camera just refuse to function normally. Not to mention impatient person like me can hardly tolerate with the slowness of the stupid smart phone. I dont even understand why it is considered a smart phone when it is so laggy. Everytime when someone start to complain bout my phone's laggy-ness, I'd go like "SSSHHHH stop telling me something I already know!" I dont like it at all lo.. everybody complain hmph!

My brother planned to get a new phone. So I tot of using his after he buy his phone but the problem is, his current sony ericsson function is way too basic.

So if I were use his old phone, I tot of buying an iPod Touch to store all my miscellaneous data. But, Angela suggest that might invest on a proper PDA which makes sense because.. iPod Touch is camera-less which means I will be carrying a phone iPod Touch and a Digicam in my handbag. So heavy!

And if buy digicam, i tot of buying a hybrid. You know, those compact camera with DSLR functions. I've checked Panasonic Lumix, It's about Rm3000.. not cheap at all might as well buy DSLR! I'm not quite sure bout the new Canon SX120. Why do I need such a device? Well, I dont exactly need them cuz I dont take much picture. Just that I dont like how normal camera overexpose my face and the hassle to adjust the settings just to get the right amount of light. But, think again. I dont really need a camera. So, maybe buy only later when I'm richer hehe..

I tried checking both iPod Touch and iPhone and I dont understand Maxis' iPhone plan.

I tried talking to someone online but my hermit friend somehow is not online and I bet she will reply like, a million years later. And Lester is sleeping now i think.

Not necessarilly be Apple's product. Budget is around 1.5-2k.. Will be paying from my own pocket so pls give some rational recommendation thanks. And pls also take care of my monthly cash outflow. I prefer no periodical incremental cost. Cost of buying new phone is considered investment cost - an one off payment. Get me?

Or maybe I should just wait for another 1.5 yrs more after graduate. Cuz dad said this phone is for my college days. After convocation he will buy me new one.


cheahwey said...

Don't buy DSLR. Don't buy iPhone.

Lester wants to sell his HTC something something. Go talk to him.

~ hermit friend

-Littlenicky- said...

I'm not buying DSLR. so bulky!

lester got HTC meh? All i know is that his aunt got him a NEW HTC HD.. collecting it today summor

later at night gonna yumcha with him play with his phone

and u know me, i dun use second hand stuff!!!

yats said...

wah. dad so generous.
my mom say i am gonna buy you just one phone. any other phone after that, your own money.
Best part, all 3 also kena...

-Littlenicky- said...

confirm ada udang sebalik batu! maybe he buy me new phone then expect me buy him new car? LOL

Cathy C said...

Camera not necessary for you yet since you hardly take pictures. Go get a new phone. And why do you need a iPod for? mafan la..bring so many stuff.. iPhone can play game. If you wanna get iPhone, go maxis centre and ask for more details before deciding to buy la..but so expensive la..Do you really need it, now? If the answer is no, don't buy!

-Littlenicky- said...

haha i have NEW PLANS now =D.. iphone maybe buy if i feel rich xD