Sunday, November 22, 2009

the day where i eat the least

I just had the most awkward dinner in my life!

It wasn't my plan, I mean, OUR plan to dine with his parents and uncle (plus uncle's wife of course!). His mother told him to invite me along for the dinner and I usually wont say no to his mum. So, there I was.

I called "uncle" and "auntie" in my lightest voice, even an ant can barely hear me i bet. Not to mention that, we were late. Many thanks to the closure of Jalan Tanjung B.U. Wasted so much time. Sometimes I really dont know what are these corporate people thinking.

At times I do think that our relationship progress way too fast. And I am not very comfortable with it. 2 weeks then bring me back home? One year then holiday with family? Sometimes I really dont feel like a gf at all. Literally, which is really saddening!

This was not the first time eating with this uncle but I was nervous as hell as usual. At some point they were conversing in Hokkien and I had to pretend I that couldn't understand a single thing because I dont want people to think I'm rude or lapan.

I drank my tea sip by sip like an emperor's concubine. I ate my food really politely, bit by bit, like some princess. And worst of all, I sat down with a perfect posture throughout the entire time like some royalty.

2 more weeks to finals. I dont know what I am doing. Seriously.

Study half way then feel bored or stressed, I drove to 1u LOL Am I the coolest girl on earth or what?! HAHAHAHA... Not so cool until result release date.

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