Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Stop all these unneccessary cash outflows!!

I dont like the way my father spend money.

Seriously, not just spending money. Basically now, I dont like the way he does things. Everything is so unorganized and always at the eleventh hour. He can think of things normal human beings cant think of. For example lah, my penang trip with Fatty and his family in late Dec 08. At first he disagreed when I asked why, he said oh you're paying for cheap planes, so the company use cheap spare parts then later fly half way crash -__-.

He went to Tesco, bought one whole big carton of 1.5L Coke.. He labelled the whole house with "bought at where where where on xx/xx/xx by who who who" -___-

Cooking. He's not feeling well, and ok being responsible father he tried to cook for us. But dont lah cook us only plain porridge and a lousy omelet. IF you're so sick, you can always tell and let me know. I can cook! If really want to be responsible then do it 100%ly lah! Dont later cook, then we not happy (we're growing kids ok!) then you make noise and complain say we're ungrateful. What is this lah!!!

Cooking something we do not like to eat is wasting money. Think of all the overheads. Gas used, Oil used, water used, electricity consumed. When you sum up all these figures, you can tapao something nice from Dai Chao....

Yes of course I know I'm a big spender. BUT the difference is, I make good use of whatever things I buy. Clothes, shoes, watches, bags, even book.. you can go on and on, its a never ending list. So the VALUE of the item is there. When you buy something, and you dont use it, THIS IS A WASTE OF MONEY.

Of course, you'd say your father is old, you should share the burden blablabla. I did. Before ending the every month, I've calculated all the expenses for the coming month.. and told what should buy and what should not buy. I've even elevate the previous month's expenditure and had post mortem with him. Should spend more on which area and less on which area. Everything written nicely on a piece of snow- white paper. He said it's hard to think what to cook. Fine. I think for you. Everyday, I'll write down cook what cook what buy what need what ingredient even though most of the time I wont be home for dinner.

But then, what's the point? He read the paper, said YA YES GOOD then chucked the paper one side. And forgets bout everything. After that complain complain complain -_____-

The thing I hate the most! FLUSH AFTER YOU PEE! I dont know what is wrong with all the old people. They dont flush after doing their little business. And they dont drink much water so can you imagine the stench?

I encouraged him to find some friends talk some stuff, spend time.. keep him occupy. But then the friends he finds are all weirdos. They will impart weird and horrible and unacceptable opinions to him, he will bring it back to "kek" me. I feel bad for forbidding him talking to others, yet I dont like the aftermath.

Sometimes I scolded him for not acting his age. After that I feel bad. I tried to said sorry then he will make up something else to make me angry. So, this is also why I spend most of my time in Bird's house. This also leads to why I'm angry at Bird.

Bird is a weird fella. Aunt asked why I like him, I seriously dont know why. Now you know I have this man-child at home. I sorta escape have my small little "holiday" at Bird's place. To chill and relax and live like a normal 21 yrs old girl. But then this Bird, he will, act like a kindergarten boy, which makes me even more annoyed. Because of this, I burst out in anger out of no where. And the cause of some of our fights.

I feel so stressed lah! What have I done to deserve this!!! -___-

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