Friday, September 04, 2009


Just came back from yumcha, with Bird, Lester and Chun Wai. I really don't remember when's my last time yumcha-ing like a normal person.

Oh wait. I remember now. It was that day. The day before Twins went back to Perth.. or 2 days before.. I couldn't remember it that clearly anymore =(

Chun Wai did 90% of the talking (serious!), then Bird. Lester and I just listened to them, especially me lah! I practically stoned there the entire time. Not that I dont understand what they are talking.. it's just plain annoying and utter waste of time talking and even listening to their conversation.

70% of the time the two were talking about i buy your mother's bra, your mother's head in between my thigh, i am your father, you are a piece of shit and blablabla -____- I know I am not a very serious person, but I just couldn't appreciate their "humour".. it is just too s*h** lah!!

See Lester. Such a good listener!

But there is this part where Chun Wai made me laughed. He was talking bout Ghost Festival and blablabla.. cutting the short story even shorter, he said "no i am not afraid of ghost. God is with me."

It's funny cause it came out from Chun Wai's mouth.

I was talking to Joyce yesterday and she told me about her bf leaving to US and all the stuff. At some point I was really glad that I do not need to go through the final sad phrase like her.

It scares me a little to realised that I actually sayang that fatty so damn a lot but sometimes I really feel like strangling him to death!

Times where I think he deserve all good things from me.

Times where I feel like lontar peluru him to hell.

It's really weird to know that we have almost the same taste after such a long time. Even bf.

Her bf likes to annoy her. Mine too.

Her bf likes to scare the shit out of her. Mine finds it entertaining so he's doing it quite a lot too.

Her bf acts like a kid. Mine, needless to elaborate.

Her bf is really scary when he's angry. For a period of time I was really afraid of Bird cause he looks really so damn fierce and I know he has anger problem. So at first I tried my best not to make him angry cause I always think he might accidentally wallop me.

The only difference is her bf is romantic. MINE CAN NEVER BE.

Next month October. Time Flies. Like that 2 years already. It's really a miracle I can tahan seeing that same face for 2 years.

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