Sunday, August 30, 2009

boring holiday

I wouldn't wish you happy merdeka because for me, it is just another holiday (and long weekend!), not so much of patriotic feeling.

The Britains, they are so proud of their English Monarchy; Japanese loves their country a lot.. the Koreans too then the Chinese are so proud of their culture (seriously what culture do we have?). But this can never happen to me. As a child I've never once felt proud of my very own country what more now I'm old enough to understand so much more things... *flip newspaper, heart sank*

Fattyboy is in Penang visiting family, eating nice food. He hasn't call much, maybe too busy layan-ing uncles and aunties.. or chilling with cousin.. or WoW-ing =.= I kinda miss his presence but I said nothing to him cause he hasn't say he miss me yet.

Brenda is out with Celery (I call Andre this cuz he is just so thin and long). Angela should be spending time with her erm, Chocolate. Twins not here, no birthday party sigh! Other friends are up in Genting. Sien man stay home...

Yesterday meet up with Lim Jo-lyne for accounting.

Teing and Hwey: she said hello. Going to ANU next year..

The Australian accounting system has this very troublesome format which I cant understand. I usually straight away do adjusted trial balance.. but then here doing the aussie way I have to first do unadjusted then adjustment then finally adjusted trial balance.

Took her only 1.5 hours to do everything. But me, few days yet cant come up with an appropriate answer =.=

After that rushed to KLCC with brother to meet up with my fat cousin =) Lunch at KLCC Food Court. There are only 4 person but Aunt ordered like, food for 10 people.. I couldn't find my Kipling bag in Pink =( But I didnt know there's Kipling at Avenue K ...

RM 449 =(

Waited for the fatty kid to finish his book (title: how to be a villian =.=) at Kinokuniya. After that walked to aunt's office to pick up her documents and laptop to work at home (my aunt's an workaholic)

My camera can only contain half of the pantry.. there's magazine shelf (with over 30 mags) moulded on the wall and a long lazy couch on the other side.

After that, went Aunt's house to chill. I miss the pool jacuzzi. Too bad my pussy is bleeding otherwise I'd surely soak myself in the water for hours....

The boys playing PS2 in leisure room.

After a long nap, went Jalan Changkat (somewhere behind Bukit Bintang) for dinner. Justin chose Italian Fine Dining LOL...

You can get all sort of food there. Lebanese, Arabian, Mediterranean, Turkish, Indian fine dining, french.. all sorts lah.

Aunt ordered Heineken. Justin kept looking at her...

Aunt: why are you looking at me?
justin: nothing:
Aunt: I know lah i know lah.. *place the mug in front of her son*
justin: I cant drink. I'm underage.. its illegal to drink..
Aunt: I'm your mother, I let you drink where got illegal.. you no balls izzit..
Justin: GOT BALLS!!
Aunt: got balls then drink lah
Justin *shak head*
Aunt: say lah no balls.. dare not drink..
Justin: *silent*... yalah no balls lah no balls lah

Food is not bad lah. Just a little salty. I said the chef must be an old man with a deteriorated taste bud. Aunt thinks he's a big fatty cause according to her theory, fat chef have horrible tongue haha.

Aunt bought me a pair of Crocs from Beijing.

Limited Edition Mickey Mouse Collection T.T

And lastly,

Justin at 2 or 3 years old. Photoshoot for Johnson Baby's contest. Damn cute right? This picture is a little overexposed .. in the real picture he actually had this very pink cheeks and very light brown hair...

From the messy presentation you should also feel my sien-ness now.. gosh..


_VeL_ said...

Mid Valley also has Kipling. Once, they had road show, with 70% off. But still an expensive bag for me. Don't know why you like it lo.

Wah, your cousins all sit damn near to the TV man. Like Arthur, my cousin brother.

-Littlenicky- said...

hello?! tht is a waterproof bag lo ok.. 70% damn DAI!! the one i want is RM449.. less 70% means its only RM134.70 wtf... damn worth it!

_VeL_ said...

Waterproof only ma. Why need a waterproof bag anyway? Not like you gonna dive it with you somehow.

ANyway, you suka lo. Each of anyone of us have different things to like.

-Littlenicky- said...

must invest on ourselves!