Thursday, August 27, 2009

So demotivated and discouraged

Dad's feeling not well.

Dad cooked one big pot of plain porridge.

Dad expected us to teman him eat plain porridge for dinner


I;m so hungry. SO hungry that I cant even think what food to buy sigh!


cheahwey said...

Buy Ubat Satu Mata from him lah. 单眼佬 you know?

-Littlenicky- said...

something is seriously wrong with him lah. he said he's sick, yet hor, he can have the energy to spring clean the house.

spring clean nvm u know.. after cleaning n wiping everything he started labeling the items..

Eg, Stove. Bought on xx/xx/xx by mum/dad at where where where.. THE WHOLE ENTIRE HOUSE OK!

then he started making noise like, table messy lah blablabal when my books are all stacked up all neatly cuz not enuff space..