Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ah I rmb something now

Wtf the moment I close the window suddenly remember I wanted to say something.

I dont know why hor, I shit blood wor nowadays not literally one big chunk of blood slip out from my asshole lah just .. the walls will bleed lah. Not a lot though, it's like erm.. ink stamps like tht LOL

Brenda said maybe cause the poops were a little too big and hard (i told her I had constipation) so somehow on the way out it busted my blood vessels LOL.

Possible meh?

Wont die wan hor?


cheahwey said...

You know, it takes a little something called "finesse" when conveying about our bodily functions... the intimate ones, especially.

I think Brenda's right. Maybe you should google it.

-Littlenicky- said...

today they dowan to come out T_T

i think my body is just too nice n warm n cozy thts why now no shit wanna leave my body =(