Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nice hair! Nice bag!

Sorry was busy. I'm self studying the paper i failed last sem. So now doing 3 papers. Taxation having a bit problem, f9 going to be a problem so I have to make sure I'm doing something right now to minimize future problems.

Speaking of busy, I haven't been doing any DIY facial mask nor hair treatment. Not even my weekly olive oil+sugar spa scrub ok! Sigh... I wont be typing much cause i cant form a proper sentence and i dont know what to think.

Brenda's birthday on Saturday. Did the Hair bow thing. Used lots and lots of hair wax.

By right should use some smaller rubberband but then hair too thick , only have this black scrunchie my sister bought me could hold my hair tightly and neatly so... use it only lo. Should hide everything properly wan!

Actually I'm suppose to pin nicely and hide the remaining hair IN the bow but then hair too short and my hands were getting tired so.. screw it lah!

Only you, you and YOUUUU *wink* get the priviledge to see the hair so closely because all the pictures taken that night wasn't that obvious due to the "romantic" lighting

The amout of hair loss due to excessive pulling and rough handling of hair.

nicole yong with cute hair, kwah yinyin and kwee hwey
(see my hair nice right nice right?)

The vintage cigar box "bag" Chloe pinjam-ed me for the night.

The other side of the bag.
(haha I forced him to take this picture. Look at his miserable face!)

That night, everybody wants to take picture with me. Thanks to the unique hair and the extraordinary bag =D Even Brenda's church friends (whom I dont know and not sure if I still can rmb their name and face) requested to take a picture with me (which ended up to quite a few)

See the picture, so weird right. The photographer's fault lah! First first say girls only.. suddenly say "aiya nvm lah all in lah" -_- Then everyone rushed over and everyone else is so tall and big, blocked my way causing me not able to stand beside Fatty..

see he so nice smiling lo here! He dont usually smile to the camera wan ok!

I cant think of anything else to update. My mind is moving really slowwwwly. System a bit down. I'll update when I can remember there's something to update =D

Good Night Folks!


cheahwey said...

Why kwee huey's fringe so... wan?

-Littlenicky- said...

i think purposely wan lah. her fringe ok wan.. she had this messy bun that night..

chLoe said...

nice hair!!! it was so nicely done. my bag said it's happy it could help u make u look good =D

-Littlenicky- said...

really ah hehe ok lah someday when my mood good i tie tht to church. then I shall be the TREND SETTER hehehehe!!

can you pls tell your bag thank you and give it a big tight hug. =D

Cathy C said...

Eii..nice hair la in the 4th and last pic..but after i saw the pic you have taken from your room, look so messy. -.- But overall in the last pic, you look pretty :P (please don't fly up)

-Littlenicky- said...

ohh those taken in room is without wax. I did the hair for erm, 2.5 hours.. witha lot wax.. then only go to the party haha

Cathy C said... long..crazy man..last time when my hair was still curly. I need to take like 5 to 10 minutes to gel my hair a bit i also feel ma fan..come back have to wash, before go out also have to wash...troublesome..

-Littlenicky- said...


thats why use curling iron instead of the permanent perm..

long hair damn nice lah can do so much things