Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life is so unfair!

Sometimes I really cant understand what parents are thinking. Especially fathers...

My dad for instance, often he reminded my brother to get a good girl friend. [his definition is good means must be like my mother: not greedy not ambitious not calculative easily contended can cook can bake can sew can drive can do house work.. so ah now ah, your son finding a gf for himself or for you? -.-] No need rush it seems but for numerous times he accidentally drooled. But as for us girls, he will just raise his voice and said "NO!! GIRLS CANNOT!!"

When asked why. All he will say is, "you are very foolish! I am protecting you!"

Protect? From what?!?! And how is "no you cannot have a bf now" or " its better for you not to marry" considered as protecting? Define protecting please!!

And what's more ridiculous is, my brother may date any girl he likes as long as she's not a Malay or Indian. Indian is still, not so bad however must be a BORN christian, but still, preferably not Indian. Dating older girls is fine.

However, when comes to the girls, he (the bf) must fulfill 3 conditions: CHINESE, OLDER and CHRISTIAN. He said Indian men can never be good husband because it's their culture to hit their wives. Christian that part, fair enough. But when comes to dating a younger man, he say "YOU FOOLISH COW HELP PPL FEED THEIR SON!!"


How is that so?!?!!! I see many women married to INDIAN men are living happily like in fairy tales lo. And oh then other people help u feed your son can lah now?!?! -_-

I once asked a few guys, including Bird. They said is alright for their sons to fuck around, but daughters.. NO WAY! -___-

Why cant everyone get the same treatment?

So my question is, you and your son are good people but other people's son is bad lah right? That is why you allow your son to date girls but because you dont trust any other guy/man other than you yourself and your very own son hence your daughters are not allowed to date anybody??

Then what makes you think that all other girls are good and can give happiness to your son? Nowadays women are bigger and better conman than man!

And another question, you allowed your son to date at a younger age so that he can learn and be more matured. Then why not letting the daughters to date to go through the same process as well so that they too can grow up?

Summor how can you let your girls to wait so long? Must wait till graduate, till get a good steady job then only find bf.. by the time you marry, your face is like carrot's skin lo!!

Yea. Mmg girls are more precious. But still.. can give equal treatment wan kua?!!?!!! So unreasonable!


ThE GuY WiTh tHe FoRk anD SpOoN! said...


_VeL_ said...

HAha. Your dad thinks that way? It's normal. You just have to let him know that the guy you're dating now is absolutely the best one then can already. =)

It's normal that daddy is more protective over his children wan la, especially daughters. Girls ma. easier to rugi to guys ya' know?

Cathy C said...

nicole yong, u damn funny lo..carrot skin..HAHAHHAA

-Littlenicky- said...

yat sin: why are u laughing?

vel: yea protective.. but still.. haiyo.. geram lah!!

cathy: ya ma! u think lah.. when ur 40 yrs old ur skin still as smooth as watermelon or not?