Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Doughnuts and Shopping!

(if you're only interested on the doughnuts part, skip all the way to the bottom)

Initially Brenda said go KL last week, right after our exam. But somehow, postpone till today (actually its sort of a last minute plan also lah).

First of all, I want to say something bout Brenda's dog. His name is Toby and he is a toy poodle. Super fluffy and cute, and very active. I heard he like humping human legs and collect dry leaves hahahahaaaa!

Ok. Brenda's house was the meeting point so when Brenda opens the door for me, her dog marched forth then lick my legs then run around me rubbing his fur on my leg and his fur was so fluffy it felt so so so much like a very nice soft furry carpet. After that he continues to lick my leg and bark a bit then run back to the house then run to me again.. Super cute lah!

Donuts was supposed to be out lunch but Andre's friend who works at Berjaya couldn't join us (cause he can get discount) until 3pm so we decided to shop first, then only eat. Andre is another classmate of mine in Sunway, and driver of the day.

Walked around Sg Wang, Lot 10 and Pavilion. Bought a turquoise dress from Sg Wang for only Rm25!!! And I've seen some online blog shop sold that dress some time back for Rm50 or 60. For that same exact dress!!!

We had some light bite at Pavilion food court after that I went in Coach to try on my shoe size. Rmb the beige colour sneaker I wanted? Rmb it was only USD$98. I got a heart attack as soon as I saw the price tag. RM650!!!! DOUBLE WEIII..... I wanted to get the leather cleaner (for wallet) which cost only USD$10 but they're selling it at RM75!!! Damn conman!!

Speaking bout conman. Rmb that time when I went to Penang and saw a white furry furry bag from Paris Hilton but Bird didn't allow me to buy cause it was made of "fox fur"? I've checked it's FAUX fox fur. HAiyo why cant the state it properly on the tag leh?

This is the one I wanted, but in White. Brenda said it's very Diva-ish =) more...

Anyway, 2-3 mths back, I saw this St Moritz Collection was on sale. 50%!! But this particular size was sold out and the salesgirl said this is limited edition, each bag they only have ONE UNIT in each outlet. That time Bird said " if you really like this (collection) why dowan buy other bag (from the same collection butt different size and design). I ignored him because I ONLY WANT THIS DESIGN!

But now, they have it again in 1U. BUT. For a freaking RM369 price tag!!! I am quite pissed off lor.. yet at the same time, I want that bag!

oh! Btw, Nicky Hilton shop (Nicholai and Chick by Nicky Hilton) is opening soon in Lot10!


They give one FREE glazy to every customer. The worker was picking out the donuts rights from the oven to us and it's hell nice! Warm and soft and sweet.. !!! Everyone says it's damn sweet super sweet can kill la la la. Con people wan! Not as sweet as I thought. It's just slightly sweeter than other donuts lah!

The flavours are totally different from J.CO and Big Apples. RM2.50 for original glazer and RM2.80 for assorted. They sell only individually and in dozens. And the drinks look tasty.

Looks yummy huh? The donut size is slightly bigger than J.CO I think. Cause everytime I buy JCO, I'll mumble "gosh, so small one?"

This one super fattening! Inside got CHEESE fillings summor! And it taste a bit lemony

Choc Iced Kreme Filled is stuffed with custard. Very fattening.

I specially like Almond All Over and Green Tea Twist. Peanut butter is not bad.

But I tell you, cookies and cream(the one with black and white spots) is the sweetest of all. It's as if you throw in 3 big table spoonful of sugar into your mouth so unless you have tongue deformities or you can REALLY take sweet stuff, dont buy cookies and cream!

See. I'm good in making faces hahahhahaa!!!

Left to right: Andre, driver of the day ; Brenda ; and Asffar who joined us last minutely.

This is to show you my nice straight well managed hair hahahhahaa!!!

This is another one to show off my well managed nice hair HAHAHAHHAA


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Doesn't look straight and well managed. haha. Bird let you wear like that out without him ah?? Short skirt all.

Eh, Hwey feeling sick k. So 17 Again don't know when only can watch.

-Littlenicky- said...

eh consider very good edi lo.. as least not as frizzy as last time and i did nothing to achieve that u know.. so proud hahaha!

he encourage me to wear skirt wan. summor, if dun wear short skirt wear what wor.. i so short, look horrible in knee length and long skirt wan la