Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Made with Love

Pink Tee with Princess sleeve from UK.. with love! =)

As well as an orange straw. It's not those typical lembik straws u get anywhere else. It's made of thick, hard and good plastic.... BUT have to use a bit more strength to suck...

Did I mention Angela's a (drinking) straw collector? She even bought a spectacle straw!!

Yes. Something like this. So fun hor? =D Maybe I should buy one ...

Oh. I bought an eyeshadow from Lancome.

What for? Cousin's wedding. But it's somewhere near October. Shades are very light and sweet..

Since Fatty said I always blog things he already knew, I shall post up ONE picture of me with make up =) Since YOU said never see me in make up before...

Oh yea, everyone else have never seen before also right... even those times when I was still am employee of Hilton??

Nah I took nicer picture.. but this one shows the frizzy-ness of my hair

Only eye make up. I don't have foundation and concealer, which could make the eyeshadow colour more appealing. And I did this on very oily uncleaned face. I dont have those dramatic mascara and used kohl crayon eyeliner.. which doesn't do a great job on metalic/glittery shadow. So generally this is not the best you see.

Last time I used only colour eyeliner and mascara to work. The reason is, eyeshadow fades easily, every 2-3 hours gotta touch up. But crayon liner is long lasting and easy to apply/remove.

See my frizzy hair. What can I do with it ah? Dowan straightening/rebonding.



Apparently, frizzy hair is caused by 1) gene and 2) dryness/lack of moisture.

1) Wash hair only twice a week. OMFG I wash everyday wan leh!
2) Wash hair with cool water. OMFG I like warm water!
3)Use wide tooth comb to run thru hair briefly. I'm using hair brush =(
4) Heat will cause more damage,this includes hot oil treatment. I do hot oil treatment once a week =(
5) Hair Treatment


cheahwey said...

You realize your bgcolour is beige right? So gray and baby pink doesn't really work?

I cannot go on washing my hair only twice a week lor.. By the third day, my hair will go rigid or something like that.
Cool water?! Cannot lah! Now autumn adi, cold like balls wei.

I feel like the remedy was there to punish people like us.

-Littlenicky- said...

gray is for your crease.. to add depth. pink is for base, so not tht obvious wan.. main colour is purple actually...

But usually after applying foundation your skin appears .. er.. in lighter shade..

I tell u washing hair is such a hassle.. I'm going to do hair relaxing.. ;)

cheahwey said...

Oi, i was talking abt your blog background colour and your selected coloured text lah!

-Littlenicky- said...

oh. I see.. Oops. ok lor i choose other colour lor

Tipsy Darlene said...

Woman. Wash your HAIR with cold water. No one is asking you to SHOWER in cold water! =.= lol.