Thursday, February 26, 2009

Too smart.. really.. too smart

HAHAHHAHAAAA... there are tonnes more...

Association of Chartered Certified Asshole, Association of Coo Coo Accountants and lots more lah!


This morning woke up late, so didnt have the time to eat my donuts.

After dinner, I remembered bout the omfgyummydonut I kept in the fridge the night before, But it was hard, have to reheat. I remembered the box said put in microwave for 8 seconds only.
The thing is, I've never used my house's microwave before. Non of us did. So I opt for a more traditional method - steaming.

And the end result.....................


I've totally forgotten bout the icing sugar...

Dad then suggested to keep it in the fridge again for few minutes, to cool down the sugar. So i did. AND THE SUGAR DID COOLED DOWN BUT "GLUED" THE DONUTS UNTO THE PLATE =.=

So now I have to eat hard + melted icing donuts, scooping with a spoon.

Not to mention, Tira-Miss You... inside got cream wan ma.. akdbfkahdbgfhiueghadoiuhfASLKJdbfkjk....... i dunno what to say lah! Haiyo!!!!! So horrible!

Then I realised, no need heat it up also. Just leave it on table then it will become soft again! OMFG LAHHHHHH

I miss Violin =(


cheahwey said...

Wow, that was stupid.
Got microwave don't use. Never use before then learn to use ma!

-Littlenicky- said...

then i went back late lazy to learn anymore new stuff ma.. =(