Thursday, March 05, 2009

Frizz me to death

Finally, I've decided to control my frizzy hair.

Bought anti frizz shampoo, anti frizz conditioner, anti frizz daily hair treatment, anti frizz hair mask and anti frizz serum.

Initially planned to wash hair twice a week but beh sai lah, my hair so thick and a bit lengthy, feel damn dirty.. So washed hair once every 2 days with cold water. I can lah, Malaysia is crazily humid and warm.

Today's the 4th day, I si beh cannot tahan the oiliness and dirty feeling. Hence, washed hair everyday again! HAHA... But I cut down on the amount of shampoo used (usually I'd pour about a palm size but now only 20 cent coin) and dilute it with water.. concentrate only on the scalp

And all I can tell u is, FAKE WAN THOSE PRODUCTS!!! WASTE MY MONEY ONLY!!!! I paid hundred over bucks on those stuff lor!!! OMFG... hair is still so frizzy... and even worse than my normal-lazy-to-comb-hair-days!!!! -__________-

Si beh tulan now


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Products that claim to be anti- whatever usually dont really work. Maybe it helps a little. But the models in the ads you see are all wearing extensions.

And your previous use of shampoo, specifically the amount.. NO WONDER DRY LA!!!! Shampoo no need a lot wan lo.洗来洗去也都不是变泡沫。。

-Littlenicky- said...

then i dunno ma.. i tot hair so long n thick.. air no good use more shampoo cleaner ma