Friday, March 06, 2009


I got back my Progress Test 1 paper for Law. I got 30 marks T___________T

Yalah. I mmg did a quite last minute work, but 30 is really really low. 30 is actually the passing mark.. if get anything lesser than that will automatically kena bar. BUt my law lecturer was kind enough to give everyone another chance cause she said cant expect us to write fabulous answer after attending the just 1.5 mths of lessons.

But i'm still quite disappointed. But then again, I really hate all these theory subjects. I dun like memorizing work. But I dont know how I can get 94 for Form 4 History... hhmmm

But then law class is really sien. =( I sleep in almost everyday class.. there's even once I sleep till mouth ter-open.. everyone laughed at me =(

See this. scroll down to Wednesday 25th Feb 2009.


cheahwey said...

How do you expect people to treat you like an adult when you wear a RIBBON... or bow, I can't tell... to class?!

-Littlenicky- said...

i cant see any connection... O-o

who say adult cant wear ribbon or bow?