Wednesday, January 07, 2009


After Genting, we rushed to Penang. 4 hrs drive.... can kill lor seriously!

Whole journey my head spin like gasing, sometimes feels like puking, and having hard time to sleep.. Not to mention, his mum played some gospel preaching cd.. makes me feel even more horrible.

Dropped by Ipoh for the infamous white chicken and tauge. Then rush again!

Stayed at G Hotel Penang, the newest 5 star hotel in Penang.. built right next to Gurney Plaza.

Shared room with Birdie's mummy and sister. The first night his mum share bed with his sis, then the second night i slept on the same bed with her.

I took only few pictures cause either im in a moving vehicle, or its night time.. either way my phone cam couldn't capture the objects.. or phone battery died.

The. Pool.Is.Damn.Cool. Night view is damn nice damn romantic wan lor!

Bf working out...

There's Hawker Stalls - Anjung Gurney... just 2 mins walk from the hotel.

Crowd at 12am...

Sotong Bakar Rm3 for 4 pieces. Something you can't get in KL...

Asam Laksa. RM3. Slightly bigger portion and taste way nicer than KL's tho it's not the best

Satay. 3 sticks of chicken + 3 sticks of beef = RM3. Taste normal..

I heard everyone telling me gurney's food damn ripe off and dont taste nice.. but I find it okok lor.. taste better than KL's food and it's obviously cheaper..At least for Anjung Gurney, it's not that bad.

Birdie's cousin brought us both to somewhere nearby the hotel for some weird noodles for breakfast. It looks to me more like Fish Noodle Soup (鱼头米粉)... but this one it's like Dried Fish Noodle 干捞鱼头米粉.. Dunno lah!

And Penang Pancake taste really good. Kueh Kak is good also. But some hawker stall people very arrogant lor cause they know they are good and they know its ok to lose one customer cause there's always new ones coming..

From what I see lah. Penang is quite a nice place to stay, unlike those written on newspaper. The state government is trying their best to maintain all the old heritage buildings and are making good use of them.. unlike those in KL, are generally 85% demolished!

Penang school compound are F***ing huge.. damn spacious. The Girl Guide Assiociation building itself is damn big.. unlike the one is Bangsar.

As a tourist, I wouldn't mind visiting Penang... As a citizen, I think Penang is not a bad place to live in. .

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