Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I got a Coach purse!!!!

Bird's sis got me this thing from US. At first his mum thought it was for her.. she loves it a lot and she was disappointed when her daughter said it was actually for me =)

Nice hor? summor it's purple =) and the leather is damn bloody soft and nice. Retail price is about RM600+.. I don't know how much she bought it but I know it's very cheap.. probably half of the retail price in Malaysia.. She got her mum a very nice (with a bow which makes the bag look so cute!) beige monogram Coach handbag for only USD$130..

And according to her, in US and Canada, Coach is actually a lower high-end brand. Only rich high school students and college/university students wear them.. other older people would usually opt for other big names.




And the holiday...

Was good. Not everything is well but overall it's great.

We left on the 31st to Genting in the afternoon... after a very heavy Dim Sum lunch at Chuai Heng 1U. Last minutely only we found out that we're no longer staying in Awana, but First World Hotel.. which makes half of us very grumpy, at least.. Bird's sis was not very pleased with it.

I missed the fireworks which I wanted to see quite badly =( Long story short, Bird's sis used to sleep early so she wasnt please to hear Bird's plan to send me back to the room late. Bird knows how much I wanted to see fireworks and he really wants me to feel comfortable and enjoy the whole holiday hence made a lot of noise, reasoned with his parents, argued with his sister.. bla blabla.. in the end.. too late!

But the next morning, I ordered Bird Nest Egg Tart at Ah Yat for breakfast.. and according to Bird's dad, it's very pricey!

Genting trip was a little wasted. First of all, we reached there late, so no point going to outdoor theme park. Then I missed my fireworks. Then next morning gotta rush to Penang cause there's a dinner with bird's cousin in the evening hence again no time for Outdoor Theme Park...


cheahwey said...

You damn 贱女人 man... order BIRD'S NEST TART some more.. No shit it's expensive.

-Littlenicky- said...

cis! fireworks expensive also lah