Wednesday, January 07, 2009


After staying in Penang for 3days and 2 nights, we flew to Langkawi with Firefly, MAS budget airline. I don't enjoy the flight at all seriously!

There's not enough space even for me despite my petite size.. and and and.. both pilot of both journey cannot land properly wan lor.. especially the first flight pilot.. Landing tht time suddenly "BANG" .. scared the shit out of me whole heart almost pop out lor.. bloody hell!

Japanese KitKat..

Grape Flavour. Taste quite unique.. but I prefer the Green Tea Flavour =)

Birdie's mummy. See that's the Coach Bag her daughter bought. It's RM2500 here.. but she bought it for only USD$130!!

Stayed at Berjaya Resort. Of course, it's nothing compared to The Datai [Datai Rm1600 min per room per night lor; Berjaya only RM500-700 per chalet per night] but overall the stay is not that bad. The beach is nice.. night time damn syok wan..

Birdie's dad rented a 10 seater van for convenience's sake [RM1600 for 3days!!]. Anyway it took us about 45-60mins to get to the town area from resort. Damn far! And I hate the van.. sitting at the front passenger seat is ok, but not the back part.. can die wan lor!

The day of arrival we did nothing much cause Birdie's dad is trying to adapt to driving a bigger vehicle [first time driving van], and always sesat so a lot of time wasted. Second day went snorkeling n etc after that shopping.

Snorkeling =) [that's my head]

He's not posing. I pissed him off

Me at Royal Yatch Club

Bird took this. At some shop at town after snorkeling trip.

I tell you hor. Langkawi is one of the worst place to shop unless you're a heavy smoker/drinker, or chocolate lover or casserole lover/collector.. or fugly batik design lover. Because there you can only get cheaper alcohol and cigarette, and very cheap chocolate and casserole. Buying perfume there is not that worth it cause all you could save is probably Rm30-50. Make up or beauty products are the same as KL.

Beach is nicer than Perhentian but Perhentian is a better place for snorkeling. Of cuz both place is no comparison to Sipadan lah!

On the last day of the trip, we went to Oriental Village for breakfast cause that's the only place nearby the resort and most convenient one.

I nearly kill this fella. Bird and I at first thought it was a fake plastic toy.. then suddenly it tilt its head.

Geopark Hotel.

Seaweeds and fishyyy...

That particular shop sells all the high end brand items. I didn't go in cause that time haven buka kedai.. summor tht time got sale lor! ish

Souvenir shops. The view is damn nice!

Cable car station

And there's a Animal Park Corner. Not a very big space but rabbits/bunnies roam freely in there and it's free entry...

The bunnies there are really cute and harmless

Langkawi eagles. very small size.. quite potong stim



And 2 small monkeys. This fella loves Birdie's back so much that it even piss at his back.. damn funny lor!

After breakfast, to Crocodile Farm.

Crocodiles are damn lazy... But lucky for us, we went there at the right time. Ngam ngam got performance...

One of the performer. I cant rmb his name... Bujang xxxx.......

After that, flew back to Penang again and stayed for a night cause there's another family gathering.. not my family, but Fattyboy's.

And this time we get even better view... from pool view upgraded to beach view... As well as a big bed instead of 2 single beds =)

Can your bf carry you up with only one arm? ^^

Anyway I've watched Bedtime Story and Outlander. Adam Sandler's movie is as usual.. but Outlander is really a waste of money and time! I feel ill on departure day. =( And I was so scared of car rides I didn't follow Birdie's parents to Kuala Selangor to see fireflies.

Trip is good. I'm just quite disappointed that I couldn't taste Penang's popiah and lobak... and the public toilets [even airport's] are so dirty so memalukan!

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AdrianT said...

Nice blog and nice shot for the picture. Looks like you and your bf have a great holiday !! =)
Note: I like the lily pond, looks great.