Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Who say... who say..

I bought 2 shirts. RM18 each =)

Me: eh dad, guess what. I bought 2 shirt from a "HK Designer Boutique"
Dad: *chokecoughchokechokethencoughnonstop* DESIGNERR?!?!?!
Me: Yeah! ^^
Dad: show me.
Me: *show off shirt*
Dad: how much?
Me: 18 bucks each hahahahaha!
Dad: U paid 18 bucks to advertise for coke? -_- Girls... *shakehead*

And who said I'd buy only branded goods? See properly..


Actually the grey one had but the workers had chopped it off lol

Thought of buying the Heineken shirt, but I don't think dad would be pleased to see it haha.. confirm cannot claim back wan lol


I think KDU charge way cheaper than Sunway.

Rm800 per subject + RM 100 material fee per subject.

Material including one study text and one practice text, lecture's notes and exercises, pass year questions.

And hor, they don't charge me Registration and etc fees cause I'm from EU Institute HAHAHA.. dad showed me his most pleasure face when I told him that lol. And and and.. I'm entitle to get 10% discount if register 3 subjects and above.

Unlike Sunway, KDU only have part time lecturers. They are all stationed in KDU for few hours per day.. And some of them are actually lecturers from Hong Kong and Singapore Unis... I seriously don't know whether it's a good news or a bad one.

Tmr, going to Sunway for some more info. One thing lar, Sunway College is more like a fashion parade.. if gonna study there I'm confirm gonna go crazy.. overstressed... cause....cause... not cause of study lah.. aiya no need continue you should know lar. Sigh

Promosi RM1 Jusco Sushi on Wednesday telah di-scrapoff-kan. From now on it's sama harga everyday.

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