Friday, October 10, 2008

Passion Please =)

Weather: Gloomy. Rain at evening
Mood: Perfect

Dear Diary,

Yesterday's another normal Thusday.

The best thing that happened was, Birdie mummy brought me out to night market cause I was craving for jagung. And she bought me many more other food =)

And oh! I bought a nice summer dress from the net. My one and only success online purchase so far.

Purposely buy for this coming Special Sunday =)


The vest I bought last time didn't satisfied me at all as it was too big for my body. I'm planning to sell it.. maybe at a slightly cheaper price though it has never been worn before.

Maybe I should let it go at RM30. Bought it for RM35.

Oh. I have another jacket. It belongs to Sharon.

Brand new. Washed. Size M.

Cost price =RM50

Selling price = RM50

It's nice but was too big for me. Dad said he will buy it if it fits me well but... sigh. I love corduroy a lot actually.

Fatty complained. "My God your blog damn sien man!" The thing is, I lost interest in blogging. I have no material to blog other than recording my spending. My life is all about church, class, shopping and boyfriend. How often I'd go out with friends?? I did thought of removing this blog but Sharon said don't, just leave it...

Maybe I should stop updating.

Actually No. I have tonnes of photos to post up but somebody might slit my throat for that. So, aiya nvm lah!

Boyfriend's been very nice lately.

But sometimes I really hope he'd add a little more passion on what he's doing.

Just like, you'd add a little sugar in your tea or coffee, and perhaps a little milk... sometimes honey.. to add more flavour


Dai Nam Yan. =(

Brother asked how he asked me out for dates and all. Then it occurred to me, he never actually asked me out directly and officially lor! I avoided brother's question. I feel rather embarrassed at that time.. I can't really understand why.

Brother said I'm weird for he had never seen nor heard of any girl who would like huge man. Which is, yeah TRUE. It does make me feel special sometimes, and protected.... And I hate it when someone's (especially those who doesn't know him at all) poking fun of him and his size...

Sometimes, I am really willing to trade my Esprit bags and months of shopping for wweee bit more passion.


cheahwey said...

I started blogging as a means to keep my friends updated of my activities when they don't see me. He sees you more often than us. Make sense of it.

-Littlenicky- said...

the thing is, i do nothing. i stay home evryday. what is there to update? other than my shoppings?

_VeL_ said...

so eventually, nothing else happens in your life except staying at home, seeing him?

ya lo. we don't see you often. some more don't blog, we will think you already lost to no where. HahaHahaha

-Littlenicky- said...

okok i stop updating until u'r all in aussie ok hahaha

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Why would in want to stop blogging when we're in Aussie???!?

Shouldn't you continue and more frequently so we know what's going on!!??

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

And what do you mean by he has no passion? Like he 心不在焉?

-Littlenicky- said...


no passion, like... not romantic lah! dunno how to tell lah. ask him do certain things it's like asking him to eat shit like that @_@

and in the end he'd only say, i wont do these kind of stuff wan.. i dont want to be like others.. blablabla..

okok.. i try to update if i got mood. . . can? =D