Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Dad told me to make up my mind quick.

Nearer to home.
Gotta pay more.. cuz fees including books..
Lesser credit hours = more relax schedule..
Father likes one of the lecturer's honesty..

More credit hours.. a lot tighter schedule
Better library
Slightly cheaper fees
can meet up with Angela more often
near by got Pyramid, sien tht time can go walk walk...
Boyfriend is there? but for only one more year lol
Oh.. I could see Joyce more often..
Father thinks that the counselors are not informative..

According to dad, the lecturers are like medical officers.. they travel everywhere to teach at their own time. So, basically I'm getting the same lecturer no matter where I choose to go.


cheahwey said...

Kdu's fees are more expensive because they include book fees and Sunway's doesn't? Then how big of a difference does it really make?

-Littlenicky- said...

i dunno lah my father is confusing me now.

at first he say kdu more expensive..then ytd night he said "oh kdu is way cheaper.. and hor including text books leh how nice!"


so tmr im going there to check for msyelf. fatehr dman bias wan la

actually i dun really want to go both college lah! sunway is ok lah but thinking of traffic (especially if my class ends at 6pm)... and kdu is NEW.. how i know if their full time lecturers are good or not n etc.. besides, i feel weird going back there lol