Monday, October 20, 2008

Postponed =(

Weather: Bloody hell cold!
Mood: not bad =)

Dear Diary,

My long waited Super Sunday has to be postponed to another week, again! Fatty has to work extra long yesterday. Aunt suggested to postpone. She said no point rushing here and there, besides I felt a little potong stim as well when he told me he has to work till 6+pm.

Justin said he's disappointed. Poor kid!

I heard at Putrajaya, the Government uses Eurotiles for Zebra Crossing instead of the normal yellow colour paint they use in PJ and KL and many more other places.. Every few months have to change tiles - part of maintenance.

Unnecessary Cash outflow!!

I miss Angela. Haven seen her for 2 weeks. Pity her... gotta deal with so many assignments


_VeL_ said...

postponed again? cannot go other places eat meh? work till 6pm still can go out eat wett.

so not syiok. everytime also postponed to next week. =(

-Littlenicky- said...

cuz we wan eat buffet in hotel ma hahah