Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I am short and fat boohoohoo

Weather: Chilly
Mood: Good =)

Dear Diary,

I cooked today. Pasta. And it turned out well. Whee....

I don't know whether I should be proud of myself or not. Mum's dad is a great cook.. mum inherited the genes and talent, and perhaps me too, i think.

I know I am very choosy when comes to food. I am very picky and sometimes can be a complete nuisance bitch. I know I annoyed that Man and the other Man umpteen times!

Since this is my first try on the new recipe, I shall reward myself with a 3 Stars =) At least it turned out to be (surprisingly) a lot better than my carbonara... that was, 2 months ago i think.

I'll be doing it again on Thursday for the Younger Man to judge.

* Dad complained. He said his kitchen smells very tomato LOL*

I don't know what to buy for Fatty's birthday =( I don't know what he wants or what he need most...

Bought him EDT last year takan this year buy same thing again meh?

I know he needs new phone and sport shoe and shorts and shirts and underwear and socks and ... omg I don't know...

Sometimes I really don't know whether I am thin or just nice or chubby or really, fat..

I tried on 2 pants at MNG just now in the afternoon. I'm in between Europe Size 32 and 34 @_@

I tried on another pants in Esprit, I took my usual Euro Size 32 and I had to sucked in my tummy to button/unbutton G_G

And it is so hard to find shorts and 3/4 pants. Either doesn't fit my waist well or doesn't fit my thigh well or it's too long... Or sometimes the fashion is too aunty-ish... Those that really fits well on me would usually cost me a big bomb - Esprit, RM199.90 @_@


I hate to be short sometimes.

I love Crocs.

Crocs Women - alice.

I want to wear this to church's Xmas Party...

I noticed sometimes I talked (and probably acted) like Paris HIlton or Hilary Duff and associates.. girly, bimbotic, dumb blond kind.

Sometimes while shopping I'd even look at slutty clothes I don't bother look at in the past!

And perhaps, too much Xiaxue, I even planned to zh'ng my black Kingston Thumbdrive with black bling studs. It's hard to identify which is whose and I don't like those tiny little hp charms thingy.

OMG. I am so not myself anymore...


But actually ever since I'm with Bird, I hardly wear any sleeveless baju. I don't know why, somehow I start to feel uncomfortable and there, I am giving away my favourite tube tops and toga top =(

I think its bcuz I don't think he'd like me wearing those. And at certain point, I want to retain a good image in his parents eyes.

Sometimes I think I may be ready to settle down. I am olddd...


toninkush~ said...

y xia xue? most of the guys i know dislike her. i definitely despise her not only of her style & looks, but mainly because her 'fist welcoming' attitude & bad personality.

cheahwey said...

I am short and fat

Hallelujah! It finally hit her! xD

-Littlenicky- said...

I dun exactly like her. Mike is actually the reason why I read her blog haha.. he's cute! xD anyway her blog is not that boring ma.. sometimes quite interesting.. and sometimes bird and i would just sit down and zhat her (attitude and behavior) after reading her entries hahha


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

You ask him lo. Not necessarily have to give away your favourite tops ma. You ask him whether he mind anot. Don't mind mai can wear lo.

-Littlenicky- said...

i din ask lah but sometimes he'll ask "who u want to seduce wear so little cloth"

aiya nvm lah i mmg have no mood to wear those anymore.. u want? i can give u hahahhaha

_VeL_ said...

u can match some outer wear with those ma. not must wear til so little geh.
and which guy doesn't like his gf dress nice wan?

sleeveless only ma. Malaysia is blardy hot, y'know? hahaHahaha

-Littlenicky- said...

i dun wear sleeveless much, which means hor.. tube spag strap n all also not really wear lah haha..

i lazy wear jacket lah u know how to say lah malaysia damn hot u wan me wear 2 layer summor meh hhaa

_VeL_ said...

sleeveless doesn't mean tube, spag, strap only la. can like a singlet also can ma. those not very little cloth only lo. it's very normal in M'sia.

ng tong wear long sleeves meh. don't tell me u don't wear short pants. it's the same as wearing sleeveless top only.

-Littlenicky- said...

you dont get my point lol

i said i HARDLY wear.. not dont wear at all, because i feel not so open anymore ... besides his parents are a bit 保守..

means, i'd still wear them , just seldom... so, most of those clothes i give away only lah, except those branded expensive ones

and, malaysia is hot! BUT, i dont like to wear sleeveless n etc on a hot hot hot weather.. actually i'd wear long sleeve, thin material ones lah.

because sun rays are very harmful to your skin and i dun like the 给太阳晒feeling..

i wear shorts. but see weather.. if weather is damn hot i'd wear jeans or 3/4 sweat pants =D