Sunday, October 12, 2008

Controling hormones

Weather: Chilly. Rained in the afternoon
Mood: neither good nor bad. Hormones taking over

Dear Diary,

Today is another usual Saturday.

However I had two dinner. One at home, another with Birdie.

Tmr's no longer Special Sunday. Postponed again to next week cause my aunt only manage to help us get 50% discount for buffet dinner at Crowne Plaza KL next week. However, tmr's dinner wont be any other normal dinner =)

Cousin Justin called for permission to tag along for dinner next week.
"Peng Peng jiejie, next week I want to go eat with you all. I want to meet Wai Kit."

How Sweet =)

Now I need new plan.

Went buy some cakes from Secret Recipe for supper and tmr morning's breakfast.

Saw Melissa Campbell at Centre Point Starbucks
She's damn fair.. powdered face, light make up, looked sweet.

Was glimpsing at the star's face while passing by. I could sense her manja-ness.. she was with a guy.

ACCA is a huge pain in the ass. Ish ish...

Hormones are taking over.. gradually...

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