Monday, October 06, 2008

First day of the second year

-a very lengthy post. You are advised to skip to the bottom part. There's some picture so you wont feel so bored with all these words =)-

2nd year's 1st day... Feels a little like the time before we started dating. We used to spend time at either Mcd or A&W to study lol.

Hey I studied today okay! Yeah my dear fatty
"forced" me cause he thought it'd be good to study together (his exam is actually on Tuesday, not Monday) but still... I touched my book =) Happy in a way but then hor, 3 hours.... I only managed to read up 2 1/2 pages. It's super sien lor I tell you.. I really couldn't understand how Mass Comm students can stand all these boring subjects! Gosh

As of how we celebrated our anniversary. HhHhmmm... basically, we did nothing haha. It's just another usual Sunday.

I was the one responsible to come out with a plan, which I did... many months ago! My aunt got me two 50% disc voucher for buffet dinner at Eastin.. but you know lar, few days back we had a fight argument so out of rage I smsed my aunt to cancel the whole thing. Yes I know that is so not wise... Nicole you have such low EQ.. blah blah blah whatever lah we both are just.. hot tempered and impatient.

So yeah lah my utmost original plan was, dinner at Eastin then to Pavilion for a short walk then movie (GSC Signature WOW).

Then the next day, everything seems to be back on track.. then I sorta regretted for what I did then hush hush came out with a backup plan, dinner at The Ship ^^ I like the lighting there.. and the lobster.. haha. The rest remain the same. But last minutely, aunt got me another voucher, one only, from JW Marriot.

I kept my fatty in total darkness, thought of giving him a surprise mar. But later he said he need to study for Monday's test, don't think there'd be enough time to go down to KL. There's some misunderstanding in between anyhow, I gave up the voucher again. =(

Actually the main surprise is the buffet and me, paying for that night's expenses. He's been talking bout eating nice buffet for quite some time already. And you know lar, he'll never lemme pay for anything whenever I'm out with him. I came out with a conclusion that he doesn't want to ruin his manly image haha.

That's my story. But we're ganti-ing back on this weekend =) together with his birthday celebration..

*OMG so lengthy*

Just now...went Ikano to grab some files .. Called the most famous Twins Sisters out also lor. OMG JuiceWorks taste damn good. And I bought this piece of wood for boyfriend.

It's called Handy Massager. The Body Shop.

He prefers my hand massage over this thingy =)

I don't really know how to use this thing lah seriously.. it feels weird lol..

Jay Cutler's
mah-saj-sifu used this thingy on him... I saw from one of his videos. And just in case if you don't know who I'm talking about.. This is Jay Cutler, winner of Mr Olympia 2007:-

Fascinating body! Not my cup of tea though.. but my bf wants this sort of physique :S

I'm buying these items very soon...
Total body massager.

Made from Acacia wood by Teddy Exports, our Community Trade partner in India.

Tackle tension, invigorate your skin and help stimulate circulation for a radiant glow and soothing relief to your whole body with a wooden massager.

The Twin Ball Massager.

Looks damn funny lor. haha.. One long stick with 2 balls at the side hahahhaa...

Unwind after a stressful day with an easy-to-use, relaxing and rejuvenating massager that helps relieve tension and tired muscles. Especially good for massaging shoulders and thighs.

But of course, before I buy all these, I'm should get him some foot treatment products to remove all the weird stench off his feet. Oh, did I mention that his toenails, used to look like an ogre's? Well, kudos to me.. after one long year of grooming.. finally they look human-ish. hahaha... Someday, if I can remember.. I'll snap a photo heheee...

Oh. If you're planning to order something from McD, don't bother trying Fish McDippers. Sucks!!!

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