Monday, October 13, 2008

2 in 1

Weather: Cloudy
Mood: Tired...

Dear Diary,

This month's cycle is really horrible. Boobs damn pain =(

Luckily no cramps... but my body feels cold from within..

Why females have to suffer like this leh?

I re-read all letters sent by ACCA before filing them up nicely. I didn't realised all these while I have missed out one particular letter - the one came a day after my welcome pack.

I seriously don't understand why am I NOT QUALIFIED. I submitted both City And Guilds certs and since the very beginning they said they accept C&G. But now they register me as MSER candidate... ish ish ish..

I am only 20 wor this year, does this means I am not eligible to sit for this coming December's examination?

Spent my whole entire night drafting and composing emails to relevant personnel. UK side would take bout 5 days to reply =(

Told dad bout the letter. Explained MSER to him. He was damn pissed off.
"that is why i hate ACCA"

I don't understand what he meant by "hate". If you hate ACCA why are you so persistent in the first place ZZZ...

Hopefully they'll allow me to submit my LCCI Diploma and change my status =(

Had a short talk with Daniel in church. He said Part 2 is tough. I told him I've just started studying, he was shocked. He said October is very very late!


Went dinner at Delicious 1 Utama.

Very tired, slept about 2 hours plus after church anyhow managed to maintain good mood =)

My food was alright. But unlucky for Fatty, he did not enjoy his dinner at all. He said food there taste very normal and very pricey. But I like everything there, the food, the environment and the dessert... IS DAMN SWEET. Maybe cause my mood's good that's why I think everything's not bad...

To come to think of it now, this visit disappoints me. Many had recommended this place to me and I've heard so many good comments on the food and of course I had some expectations. I was so disappointed when Fatty poured out his dissatisfaction. Few hours later, he said his stomach feels weird.

Not long after we sat down, Marion Caunter came and occupy the table beside us..

I can tell she doesn't have pair of nice slim thigh unlike other celebrities. She's hot, but not as pretty as expected and and she has this very nice complexion. Marion complained bout her salad. Apparently the veges are hard and the meat taste raw. Maybe this is the reason why fatty had stomach discomfort...

*Fatty had no idea who's Melissa Campbell and Marion Caunter haha!*

I really want to thank fatty for the day but seeing him suffering in silence, my heart sank. I don't know whether I should say sorry or thank you. I said nothing in the end and he was not very pleased.

With his WW2 stomach + me saying nothing... he finally voice out his dissatisfaction. He thinks I am not grateful, which is SO NOT TRUE! I was blardy happy even when I was still in church...

When he said he sacrificed his study time for next day's test to teman me, I felt worst. Maybe at the very first place I should choose the right place, some place where we've been to before, some place that serve really good food... some place like Chilis or Ship or Italiannies..

I hope tomorrow morning he'd feel better...

Lesson for the day: 1) try out the restaurant before bringing fatty. 2) Make sure the restaurant picked serves few more varieties of meat...

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