Friday, October 17, 2008

Boring Thursday

Weather: COLD! RAINED whole afternoon
Mood: Good

Dear Diary

Today, is another boring Thursday.

First, went 1u with bro, bought his gloves then helped dad buy few bottles of mineral water then headed to Bird's Nest.

Ytd night's argument was suppose to be continued this afternoon, but somehow, we're not in any mood to talk about it and everything went back to normal again.. somehow. I should give up on asking him to be more passionate and romantic zzz

Birdie's daddy ajaked go night market but I turned him down cuz his mum is staying at home. Feel weird lor, walk night market with his father... I hope he won't dislike me for this =S

I ponteng class again.. Not my fault, he hid my car keys..

Birdie told me his mum asked if I want to follow them to Canada for vacation, she'll pay for all of my expenses. She asked me once before, couple months back.. and this time I'm not sure if he's asking seriously on behalf for his mother or just fooling around with me.

I would love to travel, what more for free! But, thinking twice, it's not really tht good to spend other ppl's parent's money. If I get it for free, like maybe.. lucky draw or something then different case lah!

I'm a nobody in that household - merely another stranger. I've known them for only a year, my conscience won't allow me to go so far!

They are really nice. They spent me food again and again.. I accepted it cause 1) it's just food 2) how costly can food be 3) I don't eat like a lion or tiger.. 4) don't happen everyday... But vacation.. to the West =S

Flight, lodging, everything liable by his parents. Paiseh lah!!!!

And it's hard to convince my father to allow me go man...tough! Even if he were to allow me to join them, I wouldn't want him to pay for my entertainment. It's too unfair unless he comes along..

I'll visit Canada only once, maybe - On his graduation day.. 2 yrs plus to save RM15k let's say? I doubt I could.

I feel like buying sleepwear. These kind....



cheahwey said...

Food is farking expensive.

-Littlenicky- said...

where got?!?!

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

It is la. Inflation and shit. And then you plus plus all. In total also a big amount lo.

-Littlenicky- said...

then at least food.. dun pay all one shot ma.. not tht siong lor