Thursday, October 16, 2008


Weather: Chilly
Mood: Moody

Dear Diary,

I love the weather ( I mean the temperature).. It's October now - rainy season - Fall/Winter Collection... BEST =)

Finally, ACCA UK replied my email =) I am allowed to sit for exam.. hooray!

I have to start studying now.. very seriously. I cannot afford to fail any subject, any paper any module...

Had an argument with boyfriend. Deep down I know it's miscommunication, but I still don't feel good bout it. I don't understand how can one person get so impatient and frustrated and irritated out of the sudden.. not to mention, sometimes but very very rare lah.. aggresive.

He really did mind me not celebrating and not temaning him on his birthday. I felt bad for not doing so. Now he had voiced it out, I think I am a very terrible girlfriend.. But I cannot afford to take any risk. I know dad is suspecting something, he warned me just yesterday.. I don't want this relationship to have a bad unwanted ending...

I don't usually check on my Horoscope, and even if I do, I don't usually believe its accuracy.. but today it says:

Don't criticize the situation until you have come up with a better solution, dear Scorpio. Be creative in your approach. Realize that much can be accomplished if you approach the situation with confidence. Being pessimistic about all the problems will not help with finding the solution. Let your mind relax. Your intuition will guide you. Feel free to speak out with confidence and strength. Perhaps the most fanciful-sounding answers will prove to be the most ingenious solutions.

- Be creative in your approach. No I wasn't. Maybe cause of this the whole thing started..
- Let your mind relax. Yea I think I overworked my mind..
- Let your intuition guide you. This time round, was my feeling n emotion, not intuition..
- Feel free to speak out with confidence and strength. Nah.. I doubted even my own words..
-Perhaps the most fanciful-sounding answers will prove to be the most ingenious solutions. Yeah now I think so too =(

Thank God for loverboy. If not for him I would have broke down in tears again... He's coming back in a one month's time. I miss his massage so much.. he said he had just learned new technique =)


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

I've never seen you like this. And don't say you like some other guy's massage and by calling him loverboy as well. If bird read already then how? Unnecessary problems lo really.

-Littlenicky- said...

like this? means what?

he knows.. i told him before.. he knows how much brian means to me.. i told him before how and in what way he's important..

I told him at the very beginning of the relationship.. i said i still want to hang out with brian.. i sometimes go out with jenn yung alone also.. but of cuz i informed him lah..

problem will start only when he forgets what i told him...

_VeL_ said...

just have the balance between your bird and him lo. don't cross over the line and everything will be fine.

and i think some guys actually feel quite sensitive of those words even you have told him la.

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Oh, that sucks. When someone forgets.

Like this as in kinda miserable because of your relationship. You're like a happy girl, sometimes nervous or excited, and occasionally very angry at something. But never like that lo.

-Littlenicky- said...

he said he's happy go lucky.

he said can call whatever i like he knows I call brian loverboy even before we started going out. And HE IS THE ONE started saying brian is my loverboy wan lor...

u know ah, everytime i go out i was damn happy.. damn excited.. and everything showed on my face.. but then whether he's happy or not i dunno wan cuz it's always that same old facial expression.. and sometimes due to some injuries or aches he didnt tel me, he would frown a bit.. so sometimes i feel like an idiot walking around smiling happily.. or some super hell rich ass spoilt kid walking in mall with a body guard