Monday, September 22, 2008

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1) The age you'll be on your next birthday

!! I feel old ....

2) A place you'd like to travel to:

I want to go... Paris, South Africa, Milan/Venice and Switzerland. And, Norway to see Aurora! But for the timembeing, Japan.

3) Your favourite place:

usually go
1U.. cause near

4) your favourite food:

Damn a lot lah!! nice food me likey I like Spring Frog, Seafood, Thai Food , Japs, Korean, pasta, pizza, McD.... from super fattening to super healthy ones... =)

5) your favorite pet:

Miniature Schnauzer and Maltese =)

6) your favourite colour combination:

I love colours!

7) your favourite piece of clothing:

Comfort over everything. Tee and jeans paired with slim scarf is one of my favourite..

8) your favourite song:

Any nice music. Depending on my mood.. nothing in particular.

9) your favourite tv show:

Desperate Housewives. I watch a lot of TVB drama and South Park too

10) first name of your significant other/crush:

erm.. Birdie? LOL... Surname's WONG.
The above, definitely not him.. He likes this type of body =S

11) the town in which you live:

PJ =)

12) your screen name/nickname:.

13) your first job:

Data Entry Clerk

14) your dream job:

My dream job is... to have a dream job myself -.-''' I don't think I'd like to be confined within 4 white walls, seeing reports, facing that same old 10 numbers every single day

15) a bad habit you have:


16) your worst fear:

For now, failing my exam.. any paper!!

17) the thing you'd like to do before you die:

To be happy?? Surely I do not want to leave this world with regrets..

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