Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Hired!

Stupid Standard Chartered finally called..

Nia want them call that time dont call.. I was having such nice sleep when they ring me, disturb me from my beautiful dream. Ish..

I was expecting them to tell me to start the training in September, probably next week but they want Hwey and I to start on the 6th Oct -_____-

Sister !!! I have exam in December lor! And I'm taking ACCA now hoh, not your whatever laoyah degree from whatever Uni hoh! Ppl pohfeseonal wan hoh!! Very tough wan hoh!!

Just ytd Birdie advised me to think nicely. Sounds not so encouraging ( but then yeah lah I mmg know he dun like the work) . I was then having half my mind and now after discussing a little with Hwey I am now having only a quarter of my mind to accept the job!

Sign contract, bound six months! I dont like this term....

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Deng, the very eveel genius said...

The thing is.. it's flexible ma. So as long fill up quota then kao tim lo. Fast fast do, then fast fast finish. You can work two 8 hr days. then finish lo.