Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sweet turned sour

Another horrible episode in TMPoint.

Long story short... 2 weeks ago, dad received a warning letter from TMPoint's (laoyah) agency, stating we owe them RM300++.

Very upsetly, dad called the agency and was told that the RM300 is actually 10 odd years back punyer bill. Damn WTF right? Dad asked for the bill statement, the bloody bitch said it's OUR job to find out at TMPoint. What kind of attitude is this?!?! She should be fired lor!!! And and and... she summor have the guts to add on saying after settling the bills, tell the counter girl to call her back to keep her updated otherwise she will proceed on with sending us LAWYER LETTER... wow I'm so scared I just peed on my pant *rolleyes* I really think this lazy impolite bitch should be fired lor!!!

Even more angrily, dad dragged me to TMPoint just now in the afternoon to settle everything, including cutting off our current landline. Seriously hor, dad always do this to me wan lor!

Furiously dad waited for an hour, very impatiently I waited with dad for an hour. They are bloody hell super inefficient!!! To wait, satu jam; settle stuff, another satu jam... in total 2 hours just to make sure everything else is in order.
While waiting, dad and I been zhating their inefficiency, rather loudly but was fun haha.

And you know how much we paid them in total? RM810.40!!!!!! Dont ask.. dont ask.

Unhappy stuff aside, I watched Halloween today with boyfriend, Lesboman and Hwey. Okay, this is not exactly a very happy thing cause the show is damn sick. Gosh~~~
Pei Chuen, don't watch.

Tomorrow going to the Telawi Street, Bangsar. The parking there is gonna cost me a big big bomb! Unless God preserve me a nice legal parking...

I saw a few very nice top online, did thought of buying but I think Fattyboy's gonna make some noise over the fashion/style/trend... so, nvm. And I saw this white empire dress, damn nice.. but then.. tak ada cleavage tunjukkk.. so, forget it.

I dont usually feel the pinch but now I do a little. Big boobies damn syok lor can afford to wear so many nice tops. Summor can buy cheap bra.. i mean those from discount baskets...

Oh, I saw more nice tees from Esprit. WWEEEEEE~~~~~ But I like Zara tees more.. hhmmm... how nice how nice if money would just drop down from sky, like rain drops. LOL...

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