Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Plan cancelled

Today's plan was,

1) wake up noon pay internet bills before fetching sister back from school
2) go Ikea in the afternoon, and probably drag dad to MNG to grab the yellow knitted sweater.. After that to Bangsar for more dress hunting..
3) Frisbee at the park in front of Twins' house after dinner.


a) I slept late last night, woke up at 4+pm..
b) Dad went Puchong for Yong Tau Fu with uncle and friends. Lately he gilakan Yong Tau Fu.
c) There was a freaking big black cumulonimbus cloud on top of Twins' house according to Hwey.. I presume the plan is canceled then...

So, rot at home whole day again...

It's all Standard Chartered's fault lah!! So inefficient wan!! Have to wait for 2 weeks for a confirmation call wtf... Now cannot make big plans cannot go out muchcannot find another job zzz

Luckily I have a very understanding father. At least he still gives me allowance each month...

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