Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reptile Exhibition.

After lunch at 1Utama, Birdie and I went to the Reptile Exhibition. RM8 per adult, RM13 for 2 (adult). According to the ticket seller, they have been there (at 1Utama) for almost 9 months and is going to move to another place.

The very first thing you're gonna see are the snakes!! (I hate snakes lor!)

This is baby Anaconda. The eye is silvery white.. damn creepy!

The normal (black/brown) python cost about RM 2-3k but the yellow ones, otherwise known as Albino Python, cost about RM 12 or 13k...

Both the snakes are kinda huge, not full size yet tho.. we were wondering how the yellow creep survive in such small
baldi (small for its size lah!) and why soak itself in the water. Then the person in charged said snakes would usually soak itself in the water during skin shedding period to soften the outer layer of the skin. It will come up to dry land once the skin is moist enough.

These 2 fcuker eats one live chicken. I thought one chicken each meal, with the notion that snakes eat 3 meals a day. Then I was enlighten that snakes are unlike dogs or cats or fishes, they only need to be fed once a week.

There's a rattle snake as well but part of the cage is covered up with black sugar paper because apparently, rattle snake gets very aggressive when they see human... then they will start banging the cage trying to get out to "launch an attack".

The smaller species (Venomous snakes) :-

I think this is called milk snake.

Sorry, I dun remember your name.

Then the feeding session. If you're lucky enough, you'll able to see the workers throwing in live chicken into the bigger cages...


Then we found these:-

This is just one of the few cages of mice.. Sometimes they (the workers) even sacrifice HAMSTERS!!!!!! I swear, I shall not put in any dog meat into my mouth anymore!!!


And then.. WOAH.....

Humongous!!! Gigantic!!!

My knees were weaken the moment I saw this creature!! According to the worker, this fella one time can eat 10 live chicken... but only once a week. And and and they didn't lock the cage.. =S

Funny, they keep all these huge snakes in small cages. But the man said it's okay wor.. as long as there's water.

The whole time I was thinking "maybe one of the small + poisonous snake escaped then start killing everyone... or maybe, one of the huge snake..=S" Watched too much movies perhaps..

Racoon. Sun bathing or C-F-M?

The smallest monkey in the world - the only fella that layan-ed us.

He's an attention seeker. When we're looking at some other animal, he made some very sharp piercing noise.. his scream i think.

Baboon. This fella 24/7 show tulan face wan...

The brown baboon is the normal species whilst the white one is called Albino Baboon. We were told that the Albinos worth 50 times more than the brown one (Normal baboon cost about RM300-500) eventhough the white one is a bit dumber and slower in reaction, not very active like other monkeys... it's expensive cuz it's rare.. hard to be found!

Btw, monkey's penis look damn weird wan lor! I'm not hamsap ok.. ngam ngam one monkey was jumping/dancing.. whatever lah... than I ter-saw lor..

Red Fox. If you're bored with cats and dogs, can bring this home to your home as pet lol.

Rennec Fox

Ending this post with this picture =)

WAH~~~ SO MAN!!!...

They have many more iguanas and weird/ugly looking turtle, which do not attract me much.. I took a picture of a baby alligator ( but i dunno where it is now maybe ter-deleted).. The skin's black and purplish leh special hor?! But not realizing the purplish colour on the skin is actually from the purple lighting above the aquarium.

After this educational exhibition, I still hate snake!! HAHAA...


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Hahah. Your convo with Bird even more interesting than the video of the gigantic snake lo.

-Littlenicky- said...

i think so too hahaa..