Thursday, September 25, 2008

Decide.. help me.

I couldn't decide whether to decline or accept the job (Standard Chartered).

I think I should list out the pros and cons.


1) Can buy PSP
2) Can buy iPod
3) Can buy many pairs of Croc shoes =D
4) No need beg money from father
5) Can buy whatever food I like at anytime
6) More savings
7) Can treat Fatty =)


1) No time to study
2) cannot focus on studies
3) confirm will ponteng class even more
4) tired and restless
5) always in playful mood
6) maybe cannot handle work stress then K.O, mental breakdown?

Angela advised to focus on studies.. Her argument is that you do well in your studies, get the cert then can earn more next time. Now, money is not our main focus. True.. totally conquer. But then hor, I have not enough cash to spend wor.. how?

Fattyboy told me to think properly. Make sure I dont regret in the future over whichever decision I've made. You know me best, I really couldn't decide!

Loverboy said sign the contract if you think you really need the money.. lots of cash and for long term. If just for this while, then f*** the contract... don't bother signing. Make sense make sense....

Father said "dunnit work lah! I give you extra 100 bucks each month" -____________-

Actually don really feel like making this entry wan but I couldn't bear to look at the snakes.. OMG.. damn eerie lor!!

Fall/Winter season =) Blog skin nice hor? hor? hor? Hwey helped me do wan hehehee.. html scripts can kill me anytime!

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