Monday, July 07, 2008

[UPDATED] it's a complain hmph!!

I have quite a lot to say here actually. I've edited this thing (as in literally erase all words and rewrite) for the third attemp! Because it's too lengthy... Long story short:

Dad had mistakenly signed me up to a part time class instead of full time ACCA class. I don't know what to do with all the leftover time during the day as the classes are in the evening, 3 days a week, 6.45-9.45pm. Very jiak lat lor if work full time in the morning and study part time at night.

And and and.. sometimes, no transport go back home.. have to take cab!! AT night!! Very dark!! Me scared!!! *sob sob* No I cannot depend on boyfriend all the time.. besides, he's building muscle in the evening.... At the moment, I do not regard car purchasing as a good option as I do not drive often and I don't think I can afford the high petrol price considering my big expenditure on clothings teehee...

Anyway I passed my City and Guilds paper, both Accounting and Cost Accounting. So I do not need to worry about being not qualified... can apply even when LCCI result is not ready =)


Yesterday's the second day of class. I just found out almost everyone in the class is working full time then rush to college in the evening. So I guess it would be fine for me to so too...

The thing is, every Tuesday and Friday* is church day, which means, dad is not around to fetch me home, which means I HAVE TO GO BACK BY MYSELF!! [*class on every Monday, Tuesday and Friday]

Back to yesterday. I was suppose to be meeting Hwey and Choobs after class but at the final minute, plan was canceled. This means, I have no free and safe transport for the night (Hwey was suppose to pick me up). I told boyfriend and he was rather displease with the cancellation (you'll know why after reading the next paragraph)...

*In case you don't remember, class ends at 9.45pm*

On Monday I had to wait for dad, I think Twins would know how slow he drives. So, he was there late. I waited for him outside the college, alone. Yes I know there's street lamp and some shops did switch on the corridor light but not bright enough still. Imagine one girl standing there waiting for the old man at a quite cold and dark shoplot corridor; no signs of human nor car... SCARY!!!!

Sometimes I have very good imaginary: at the point of time I imagined someone kidnapped me and raped and even some scary ghost came out of no where and ate me up!!!

Day 2, the-drink-tea-plan was postponed to another day, I had to take bus/cab home. You imagine yourself a girl (if you are then dunnit imagine this part lah!!) walking from my college (opposite Giant Paramount) to Shell Petrol Station, passed by many already closed shop with no corridor lights, no passerby, only a few cars on the road, die edi no one would know also lah!!!

Plus, at the bus stop behind Shell Petrol Station has no light, freaking dark, and the street lamp, 2 out of 5 is not working wan!!! I waited for 15mins, no signs of cab at all. After that, saw a few but with passengers. And and and at the same time, there was this old Malay man playing Indian song on his phone kept staring at me [look damn yam jin wan that fella!!!] My heart instantly beats 5 times faster than usual!!!!

Of course luckily nothing happened lah! Thanks to the fat old auntie who came just in time. Later after boyfriend's gym, he called, then saved my night!! He knew there was something not right, kept asking me what happened and etc, then, I cried!!! BECAUSE DAMN SCARY!!!

How to tahan?!?!? I want to quit lor!!! I cannot imagine myself having all these fear almost everyday lor!!


cheahwey said...


-Littlenicky- said...

at the moment, im not attending tuesday class, friday bird can fetch me cuz he has no class.

lecturer say acca dunnit attend class also nvm wan.. but then i dont want to waste all the tuition fees lor

get car problem all solved. but dunno when only can get one.. lol

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Very easy to get car wert~~~!!!! Your father sure got an hour free from his schedule right?? Go look at a car, Kancil or whatever. Pick one. Pay deposit or cheque or whatever method of payment. And go home wait for car. In the meantime, Bird fetching you on Friday ma. So Monday class get your dad to fetch la..

-Littlenicky- said...

he so paranoid where will buy me new car one. getting pre-owned. But he so yim jim.. sure will find here and there.. summor he so kiam siap.. sure will want to find cheaper and nice and new one.. damn mafan wan lah that old man..

so i calculate properly already.. about 6 months later only wil get my car lol.. by that time, it's already december.. course over liao haha..

cuz i think maybe he's saving some money and trying not to spend so much for new home...

monday class im driving, friday at the moment bird fetch. onlt tuesday ada problem...