Friday, June 27, 2008

What to do

College starting in one week plus.

My initial plan was to start my new course with a new hair style. 3 months already, I haven decide what to do with my long dry mane.

I thought of getting short hair - I love short hair, neat and tidy and easy to manage. But the problem is my hair is bloody thick, it's really hard to keep it in good shape. I'd like to get a blunt bob.

This is blunt bob. Cate Blanchett as Col. Dr Irina Spalko in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull

I thought of trying new hair colour, something a little more dramatic, something more eye catching and daring. Maybe purple or deep red, or maybe nice warm brown with highlights. Something that would bring out my tan yet without making me looking like an Indian.

I like this colour but I think it's gonna clash with my tan skin..

Maybe not so yeng.. I prefer slightly less purple.. no need so oohm wan haha

But I don't mind having long hair. But I have very wide forehead, I need bangs to cover up and I need a lot of treatment =( ... and dying is gonna kill long hair faster...

Bird is still not happy over yesterday =( No matter what I did he would never use harsh tone on me wan lo but then this time...... Die loh die loh!!!

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