Saturday, June 14, 2008

Virgin Drive to KL

Hey I drove to KL today!! First time!! First time!! all by myself without anyone directing me =D

Went to Pavilion. My first time too!! I'm bloody excited lor.. knowing most of my friends have been to the new high end luxury mall. Oh I'm not that dumb to drive all the way to Bukit Bintang. Parked my car at Bricksfield then took Monorail =)

Suppose to be meeting with my aunts and cousins at 1pm but was late and I kena-ed kao kao from aunt (cousin Justin's mum). While I was trapped in a horrible traffic congestion at Brickfields, she sent me an SMS "first time coming to KL ka? Idiot!" -__________- She's a very impatient and hot tempered woman. But can't blame her also lor.. waited for us three for an hour already.. I'll be very mad also loh!

But then hor, It's not exactly my fault. I planned to leave house latest my midday but dad out of the blue says he wants to check the car's cylinder's oil and that took up 30 minutes. Besides, all of us woke up late (not terribly late that kind though) and not to mention the amount of cars being stucked on the road.

I saw Justin again. My very last time seeing him was somewhere around Christmas Eve. My goodness!! He's even fatter now!! In the car, he showed me his "treasure" (belly)... beralun-alun wan man!! Mini Kung-fu Panda HAHAHAA

Thank goodness my aunt did not abort him when he was still a tiny little fetus. He did bring a lot of joy to her and to the family...

I love Pavilion lah!! Such nice place to shop!! My aunt bought me 2 tanks from Topshop and a Chanel Parfum =) I love the Bvlgari boutique there. Oh and the Juicy Couture Store - My gosh the charm bracelet watch!!! And I passed by this shop which sells only pendants and stuff.. damn nice lor!! There's this cute little silver ballerina shoe pendant with studded white crystals which cost RM419!!! Pendant only and it's the size of a peanut.. massive!!

Chance by Chanel <3<3<3

I'm freaking tired after one long day with a lot of walking. Not to mention, driving manual and the horrible traffic condition. EEww. I don't know I should go out with boyfriend later or shall I just spend more time on my warm and cosy bed?


_VeL_ said...

wah..ur aunt so rude wan? i mean like she is ur aunt and can sms say u idiot wor. if me, i think i will be damn piss off.

although she waited for an hour, but also should have aunt punya attitude gua. lol

ya wor. pavilion is a nice place to shop. that time i went there with him, i saw a nice sandals in three point six shop. shoot! it's 140 plus. it's nice but i won't spend so much on a nice sandals. cz my dad don't print money. haha.

-Littlenicky- said...

she don scold foul word i happy enuff edi lor lol.

besides aunt doesnt mean must behave like one. she just want to blend into our young adult world ma...

i wont get pissed off lor cause i know her attitude and i know what exactly she meant...

i know im not an idiot can liao lah haha