Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What can I say?

Today Fattyboy offered to send me to college. How sweet of him to wake up early in the morning on purpose, to fetch the spoilt princess girlfriend to college, plus breakfast from McD =)

I told him to reach my place at 8.30 in the morning, and he reached my house at 10.30am. How sweet!!!! *sarcastic smile*

There's some miscommunication in between, so nvm forget it....He'll be fetching me tomorrow and Thursday (the judgement day!!)

One day more to finals, and guess what I've done? Literally nothing!!!

Instead of studying, I've watched 131 episodes of Sailormoon on You Tube. I fight in the name of love and justice........ damn lame.. But what to do?? I had a bad child hood. My grandmother is damn strict, I was forbidden to watch cartoon for more than 30 minutes... Seriously I prefer the original Japanese version more than the US version. Lousy dubbing and they bloody changed the story line!!!!

Next up. Age of glory =)

I just witnessed a most ferocious fight between parents and their offspring. Super scary scene!!! I am indeed trembling within =S But what can I say? I am just an outsider.

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