Friday, May 23, 2008

absolutely depressed!!

Exam is killing me. So much to do so little time left. Maybe I should blame myself for procrastinating so much.

Daddy's yesterday's champion. He burnt his soup, leaving the whole house - each and every corner smelling so monoxide or dioxide or whatever-oxide. That smell that would have kill someone's nose as well as brain cells. Air refreshener couldn't help much.

I had no proper sleep yesterday night. Couldn't get a comfortable position.

My body feels so bloody achy over nothing. It's as if I've just shifted the whole Grand Canyon from US to China. As if I did a lot of hard work. As if someone has punched me, whacked me, kicked me, physical tortured me. Gosh. . . I really miss Brian's massage, and I'm kinda needing it NOW.

Do you know that hot weather can make one person (even one very calm, cool person) go mad. As in, M-A-D. What more, I am a hot tempered girl.

Furthermore, PMS. Make things worst!!

Starting to fall sick. Soar throat. Headache. Have to avoid oily food, grilled ones, fried ones, even bak kut teh!!! =(

Acidic Stomach!!! I haven't been eating properly for weeks, yesterday one full day ate air only!!! Even today - until Fattyboy called me out for dinner just now. Manhattan Fish Market. Not really my choice, but I have no where to go. Where else serve nice salad other than Italliannies? Fatty says Italliannies' food is pricey.

I feel so sorry for Birdie cuz he paid 50 bucks for the food, which in the end, I didn't eat much other than the plate of Caesar Salad.

He's been a bit more angelic to me lately. Which makes me happy and sad at the same time. Sad cause, I've been mistreating him. I realized it usually before i doze off (I will usually do some thinking and recap-ing the day before i sleep). I know it's bad. But being a girl - naturally more emotional one, I couldn't really help it, especially during PMS days. pppffftttt!!

It's really hard to meng-curve-kan my lips upwards with all these!!! I feel weird. So not me. My lips feels so heavy. The sides hung all the way down touching the ground. My face look so gloomy. No shine at all, look so dead and lifeless. =((

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