Friday, May 30, 2008

Short and sweet

1) Ill - flu, soar throat, fever (gone by this morning), headache, gastric

2) Last paper (accounts) on Monday. YAY!!!

3) I'm craving for real good ice cream!! Boyfriend bought me one tub of Butterscotch from Swensen. His mum is buying me another tub of Rum and Raisin from Baskin Robins tomorrow. *joy*

4) Went for a short jog this morning. Hurt my knee... again!!! I couldn't breathe properly the whole entire day man! Thanks to those stupid yucky phlegm and malfunctioning lungs -.-

5) I think I need an iPod. 2 to 3 gig enough edi lor. Should be cheap right now?

6) Sale!! I need clothes, shorts, skirts and sandals.

7) Oh. I need ideas on what to get for Birdie's mum as a belated birthday gift. I thought of knitting her a scarf or something, but then..... I dont quite remember how to do it anymore and it'd take quite some time for a noob to finish it.


cheahwey said...

Ipod shuffles are going for 290 max right now..

-Littlenicky- said...

i dont want shuffle lah lol... so small. summor if wanna hear certain song have to press till i siao man lol.

I tot of nano. but then minimum also 4 gig. RM619 WITHOUT accessories. =(

So now maybe looking at either Sony or Creative.

Anymore suggestions?

But i thought iPod would be better lol. Got Nike+ and iPod hehe... damn cool!!