Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dont bother reading this.

I feel damn tired lah. Exams, friends, a bit of dad and a bit of boyfriend. Sigh

Anis, Lina and I stopped talking. I'm not quite sure of the true reason behind it but i think it's cause they're pissed off with me for rejecting their invitation again and again.

I'm not sombong, and I love to go out. The thing is, They always ajak go clubbing. I promised Fattyboy that I wont go to bars, pubs and clubs. And they always wanted to go to the KL. Dad doesn't like me to go KL wan ma.

They somewhat thinks that I mementingkan boyfriend more than friends. -_- I got nothing to say lor!! To me, friends and boyfriend are equally important. Without friends, I wont get to know boyfriend ma. He doesn't want me to go clubbing cause he's worried bout my safety.

Takan you want me to break my promise just to layan them meh? Whatever lah!! I'd meet them unless they agree to change venue or fatty comes along with me (which is mere impossible!) or unless fatty says ok I can go. =)

Lately Dad's a little siao siao. He doesn't like chocolate but then 2 days ago suddenly he bought so much from Tesco. He asked me to apply a few universities in UK.. try try.. for fun just in case if I wanna do CIMA -_- So far it's University of East London (ACCA and MBA) and University of
Hertfordshire (CIMA and MBA).

Haiyo, actually no need lor. I dont want to go lor!! Very mafan wan lah. Summor if graduate oversea, I have to take extra 2 or 3 more papers (on Malaysian law) when I come back then only can join dunno whatever accounting association and become recognized and qualified...

I dont think nit's necessary lah. Maybe just simply.. cincai.. pretend apply already, then tell him say rejected only lah huahahaa...

Lately a bit emo lah!!!

I think maybe can pass accounts paper =)))

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