Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I have few minutes more left before I remove my eyes from staring at the monitor screen to complete my undone just make good use of this time to update a bit.

1) Watched Ironman. NICE. I want to watch again!!! I didn't know there's some clip after the credits...

2) Went grocery shopping with Fattyboy yesterday at Ikano Cold Storage. I love that place! And I saw this Japanese lady - She look gorgeous and filthy rich. I saw her wearing a Fendi watch, Prada Heels (wedges to be more precise) and an Anna Sui small tote. I have a very observant eye ^^

3) I miss those times where I call daddy to pick me up from school/college. If my class ends at 12.35pm, he'll be there waiting for me at 12.30pm. Lately Fattyboy's the one picking me up after college. My class ends at 12.35pm, he'll leave his house at 12.40pm. See the difference? Well, of course, got ppl fetch takan want complain meh? But then hor, it's a very very bad attitude lor, don't you think so? But then nvm lah, lately I made him waited for me for quite some time also. On par lor.

4) I did something wrong yesterday evening so Birdie nagged me. I not happy with he nag nag nag. Me no likey so me angry a bit. Then in the end, he said sorry to me instead of me apologizing. I'm spoilt!!!

5) I'm officially a tuah pui. After exam have to get down to serious business!! No more oily fried unhealthy food!


cheahwey said...

Me no likey so me angry a bit.

My god woman... you're like a 13 year old with limited vocab. Neh.. those who zhng their blog with sparkly images and pictures of their LaLa self..

-Littlenicky- said...

trying to be retard lah. lol... i dont have lala pictures also Z_Z