Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mr Yong Senior is now very very fury

After one whole long day in college, I thought I would able to go home have a nice meal and rest. Once i got into the car, dad showed me a pink colour letter. It was from Telekom Malaysia.

Apparently I owe them RM600++ for the internet services they've provided and the amount has been accumulated and dragged for several months! And this is not the first time receiving such letter.

Allow me to clarify things now. My dad is those typical old sei-oi-min uncle. He don't like and doesn't want to owe anybody any money, not even 10 cents!! That is also why, he always pay things in cash, even though he has a credit card, but that is just for any emergency.

And the thing is, my dad is a kampung old uncle. I sometimes think even an old country side rubber tapper uncle is more IN than him. He don't know anything bout today's technology... not even how to switch on the computer.

The first time when I receive such letter, immediately I went to Kelana TM Point to clear things up. And the manager told me that if I dont get the letter on the month, go to their TM website and print out the bills.

Well, let me tell you this. YOUR WEBPAGE SUCKS. It is not user friendly and your line is fucked up and I don't see any print button so how you want me to print the bills? Pinch my nipples then my printer will know what and which page I want izzit? Every single time I went in, I only say "Sorry our site is currently under maintenance"...

And I am paying you money, what do you mean I should go check and take note whether I have received my bills or not? Hello.... WE customers are paying for your wages, Your neckless-fat-toad look a like-director's trip n etc etc... ALL comes from OUR pocket!!!

What is the point of sending me a lawyer letter? Yes your info can check that I am only 20 this year but that doesn't mean you can THREATEN me by saying settling everything in court and all court fees are payable by ME and blah blah blah. I owe you only RM600++ and to get loh-yah buruk to sign a bloody letter dunno cost how much edi... You learn maths before or not in school?

And i am bloody sure there are many more people and companies who owes more than me. Some I believe went up more than RM 1mil. Why don't you BlackList them instead of me? Why dont you go collect all these bad debt instead of this 'so-called-bad-debt-of-mine??? Penny wise pound foolish bloody bunch of bandits!!!!

And I have told you and your brainless staff MANY MANY MANY TIMES that my address is WRONG!!!!!!! WRONG ADDRESS how you expect the postman to know where the fuck is my house and slip it in to the right post box??? But funny, everytime your bills couldn't reach my place, but your bloody warning letter never fails to be seen.

It is not a problem for us to pay your every month RM 88 or more. BUT NOT RM600++ one shot. YOU THINK MY GRANFATHER PRINT MONEY WAN AR????????? Pay you RM600 edi My father brother sister and even myself dont need to eat???

My dad is now super angry. I have never heard him curse before (can you imagine how bad is his mood now?) all thanks to you stupid MaChan company!!!! He is now going to cut off the internet line. NO more online shopping for me. No more chatting and webcamming. No more you tube and onine movies. ALL THANKS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!

DO business also dont know how. What also depend on the Goverment. Useless company!!! JIAK SAI LAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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