Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I was waiting for boyfriend to picked me up after class, at Carltex petrol station near my so called college.

The thing is, I think I've mentioned this ample times, Birdie is always late, never once on time. BUT at the same time, I am a vengeful person: - when he made me waited for him for some time, at the next date, I'd make him wait for the same amount of time I have waited for him at the previous date. What to do? I'm a Scorpio girl.

And yes you can say, for the past 8 months, he had suffered (and still suffering) and struggling to tahan my royalty, princess-like attitude. Again, what to do? I'm a Scorpio girl.

Nevermind bout the scorpio thingy, the main gees is, I waited for him today after class for 20 minutes.

Please!! Before your brain gonna think anything else, allow me to explain myself first. Shoot me with your guns later. I am not complaining bout his late arrival. In fact, he's being real nice to wake up from his macho-man sleep just to fetch me. SS2 was jam you see. So basically this time, it's not exactly his fault.

Waiting for him for 20 minutes is not a big deal for me, flashing back to the older days where I waited for him for 45 mins, and sometimes near an hour. But again, who likes to wait, what more the hot hot sun makes me even more cranky despite all the stress I have right now.

While I was waiting for the royal chariot of white, there's this ma-chan mid age man sitting right outside of the Carltex store... I was standing kinda near him because that is the only spot with shade. After couple of minutes, I started feeling uneasy because that asshole is bloody stalking at me!!!!!

Why so perasan? How you know he's stalking at you? BECAUSE I AM A GIRL AND I KNOW. He looked up looked down looked left and looked right, from hair root to my toe nail, as of he had never seen a girl in his whole life before Z_Z And for goodness sake, I am not a girl with a bloody Gisele Bundchen's hot body.. like that also wanna kap, bloody sad case lor!!!

I have no where else no stand other than that small spot, 1) shade 2) can see white chariot 3) My phone dont have anymore credit to call Birdie to tell him that I'd wait for him elsewhere.....

Sigh, forget it. Not the first time anyway. Guess I'm just too sleepy to scold anyone right now. But I am still angry!! Gah~~~~~

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