Sunday, May 11, 2008

I think this might be the worst movie I have ever watched

Been a very very good girl. I stayed home the entire day just to study okay?

Out of the 6 hot topics, kao tim 4 and now 2 more to go. Gosh shares!! I hate shares!!! I hate limited company!!! After that, gotta revise bank reconciliation statement cause i am very sure I dont remember how to do it anymore. And partnership accounts, single entries and stocks.

Had light dinner with family. 2 Hours later, joined Fattyboy and his mum for dinner at 1Utama. He wanted to dine at Chilli's but 1U chilli's is always busy, gotta book table before hand. So opted for Kenny Rogers.

The movie sucks, for me.

It's like putting King Arthur and William Shakespeare together, assuming they are from the same era. -_____-

The movie can only get credits from those with no or little knowledge of Chinese History but never someone like me who has strong and firm Chinese historic background. I bet angmoh would like the show.

Thank goodness I am from Chinese school where we have to learn China's history and myths. It's ridiculous to see the characters conversing in Chinese at the beginning then suddenly, when superstar Jackie Chan appears, everyone starts to speak English *sweat*

Boring dialogs, very long and lengthy fights, and jumbling up the historical characters and time line and worst, the angmoh-kiah Jason.. dunno lah I find the character's existence in the movie a bit the awkward. Jade Warlord looks weird - Why metallic grey smoky eye make up? And Jackie Chan hold the immortal drunken master Lu Yan character.. what happens to the other 7 immortals? And what happened to the Zhu-Pat-Kai and Sha-zhen??

Liu Yi Fei (Golden Sparrow) is the reason why I wanted to watch the show, not Jet Li and never Jackie Chan. She looks so pretty!!

Tomorrow Mother's Day. Sigh.....

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