Friday, May 02, 2008

Counting yet doing nothing

Time flies!! 3 more weeks, then I'm officially a diploma grad. Okay, on second thought, not exactly one UNTIL I pass every single subject and get my bloody cert!

Everyone (almost) is having their finals and so on. Everybody is working hard. Yeah I started studying, but not studying hard!! No wait, I've never once studied hard.. never!! Not when I'm in standard six for UPSR, not in form 3, not even SPM and during my days in school of hospitality.

As a report of progression, I would say I am currently at the comfort zone. Yes I can understand what the question wants, and yes I can start doing it by my own, BUT I can never complete every single sub question and balance my account. -_- I'm not totally independent yet!! 3 more week lah!!!! arghhh

Seriously, enough of procrastination edi lah!! Why lah I can never put a full stop to it?!?! I really think IF i am a China-girl, I would have died by now. Life in China Universities are tough. Everyone is so kiasu. The pressure is too great. To be a lorry driver, you'd need a degree!!!! wtf...

Anyway the cuff link I bought for father-in-law is here!! =) *Superman*

Went to Itallianies at One Utama with Twins and Guo Zhang. Had my "brunch" and Hwey had her lunch at tea time. LOL...

And I just realized, for a guy, Guo Zhang has quite a smooth complexion. Like, seriously!!! At our age, how many guys out there have that kind of skin? Most of them are usually covered with acne.
*To GZ: you jaga muka wan ar? Wash face with SK II izzit??

Tomorrow might be going out for shopping with Fatty. He seriously need to get more shirts. I don't usually like to go shopping with him. Sometimes I see his -.- face also potong stim liao, no mood to walk anymore lor. Why normal guys just dont like shopping? What's wrong looking at clothes and etc??? -___- Sigh. Hopefully tomorrow would be different lah....


Gzhang said...


This is the first time a girl has ever said that my skin is smooth. *getting a little proud*

I wash my face every night...that's it =)

No mask or beauty tips...


-Littlenicky- said...

hahaha lucky you!! at least u wash ur face lol.. summor dont drink dont smoke dont sleep that late..