Saturday, May 24, 2008

I think Im feeling better

Went for a short walk with Fattyboy at One Utama. Bought 3 packets of Japanese snacks. A form of stress relieving. A form of motivation hahahaa...

But then, not a very enjoyable one. Window shopping and random walk with girl (what more a crazy one like me) is a serious boring moment for straight-guys. Fatty's been following me the tour guide all over the place with a tulan face. It's partly my fault also lah, I totally forgotten he had injured his forearms.

Maybe a walk with Chea Teing would be better hahahaa.. but nvm lah!

Well, at least, the not-so-enjoyable-walking did helped in calming my soul and I can at least smile a little now.

Plus, his mum gave me chocolates =)

Bird's mum. She damn kesian lah. Husband and son both dont want teman her watch movie cuz lazy.. She asked for my company but then I have exam lah. Aiyo feel damn bad for saying no lor summor she so sayang me always buy me food.

Second thought, maybe I should cut my hair tomorrow. Or maybe a good hair dye hehe. PURPLE HIGHLIGHTS WOW!! New look. Feel fresh. More motivation wan hahaa...

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