Friday, April 04, 2008


In the afternoon (in class), sister smsed me... saying brother cabuted from the NS camp in Terengganu...

He somehow managed to escape and got a bus ticket to get back to the city and due poverty - not enough money to survive hence he decided to come home, see see look look his father and sisters for the last time - before the police catches him!!

You know lah... escaping from NS camp is like escaping from prison...You're automatically a wanted person by the police...

I don't blame him also lah because life is real real tough: Day eat curry; night eat curry. A small and old bed with bedbugs and not properly-cleaned-toilet... Everyday 2.30pm onwards gotta march for 2 hours...Not to mention, their only activity/entertainment is playing badminton, volleyball, football and etc... TV with only RTM channel (damn sien wan lor!) And yes.

Police knock on the door, asking too meet dad - after dad gave brother some cash.. asking him to leave quickly before the police found him. Till now dad's still in the police station =( Poor Old man......

I dunno. Maybe dad gotta go jail =( and surely, gotta face legal *something*judgement? no i dont think this is the right word i cant think i am freaking tired now* .

And if police manage to find bro he has to go go jail too!! =((

It's 12.30am now and I haven't had my dinner yet.

I write all those to syok sendiri only lol

The sms part is true, just that sister told me Jarrel is back out of the blue from Terengganu.. for holiday (Ching Ming) and will be going back again on Saturday.

The bus part is true also. Just that it's his Commander that bought the bus ticket for him (and other candidates). The camp is so secluded, how to escape wor haha...gotta walk very very very far only reach the town area leh where you can get bus to come back to KL.

The curry and activity part is true also...

The bedbug is true also.. and he says the campsite has many types of weird insects... they are kinda poisonous that aftermath (of a bite) is quite kao, leaving a never-seen-nor-heard-before marks/temp scars on your body...and of course, hell itchy!!

The marching part is true also.. And they lived a very disciplined army-like life...

And he's being smart, from Pudu Bus Station, took LRT back, wearing his ugly NS uniform. Dad bumped into him during lunch time and couldn't recognize his very own beloved one and only son!!! All thanks to the army haircut and tanned cum sun burnt and pimpled skin.

Velvety smooth hair.. very nice to touch =)

He don't usually have so many pimples wan lor.. come back straight away use my facial stuff leh!!! So tanned and skinny...

Today get to eat something more delicious since daddy's boy so kesian, day and night eat curry and plain rice.

I dunno lah. He look like (to me) criminal/prisoner/ngam ngam fong gham chut lei.... Look a bit like that Prison Break guy hor? Lol..

Yoh!! Lately got gastric lah!!!

Siok Wah, I'll do your tag later, I'm damn tired now.

Watched Age of Glory (NTV 7 9.45PM) !!! And Twins, dad purposely stay tuned and watch because you're part of the crew hhahahahaa.... Btw, who's Debbie Goh?? Mei kin goh geh??


Cathy said...

haha..btw,i also duno who's debbie goh..and ur bro reli like that ngam ngam fong gam chut lei kelian...

-Littlenicky- said...

hahahhahahaahhaah mmg damn kesian haha coming back home is like heaven to him lol.. complain less also