Friday, April 04, 2008

6 for luck

6th months tomorrow =)

I've decided to give up on my Esprit denim handbag to get Fattyboy something.. perhaps a belt? and probably gonna keep some cash for a nice dinner next week (cuz tmr's his dad's birthday so he have to go out dinner with them) since I haven't paid for anything before!!

But... couldn't get anything nice. The belts (from various shops) it's either too uncle-like or too bulky,don't look nice also...Tried to find some nice shirts, but then scared later buy edi he don't like (he's very fussy also wan lor).

Before I went look out for his stuff, I bought some important stuff like toiletries, cause I thought I can get something for him. -_____- Siapa tau, nothing to buy and have not enough cash for my bag =( So, I flung my money once again at Zara.. hahaha...Bought 3 tees, all from the TRF section

I love the tag a lot

I also bought an accounting book =) for extra reference, to prepare myself for the May exam. 3 inches thick lor.. damn heavy!!

And oh, I've found another bag from Esprit huahuahua and a wallet....

Hopefully dad will give me back my money... then can buy the bag loh!!!

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