Thursday, March 13, 2008


I skipped class today.

Full day class summor. 9am-7pm LOL keng huh?

Cuz ytd went home at 2.30am. But the difference is, I studied. =) Dad summor encourage me to skip class huahuahua.... Cause he need to go Taman Connaught Cheras for some uncles-of-his-age-activity haha

I tot I can revise my Cost Accounting once i wake up but then dumb ass sister has messed the whole house. It's worst than jungle!!

Hair's everywhere. Food wrapper's everywhere. Rubbish bag's everywhere. floor's so oily and the plates are left unwashed for only god know how many days, laundry are piling up and dust are at every single corner. IF mummy is still alive she will surely scream and yell out loud at that dumb ass creepy monster!!! And that's a nice drama to watch =)

I have no choice but to spring clean the whole place. All that dumb ass did was gluing her eyes on the monitor screen!!


I'm not home all the time. Tot of spending some time at home, to study, to relax... but then WHERE GOT?? Next time I wont stay home so much unless dad wants me to teman.

I don't care I'm gonna brag (my good work done) when dad comes home hopefully will award me with some cash =D

Whole afternoon gone just like that. Waste my time only. Sometimes ah, I really dont like her wan lor. Always make me feel like a pasar malam old auntie only.... day and night have to should and scream at her only she'll make one small movement..

You think i like to be fierce kah? I am not given any choices!!! If I lembik lembik, how to control that 2 monkeys wor?? Have to show who's in charge who has the power wan ma sometimes.. or else they'll think I'm a toothless tiger then dad will think I'm not playing my role as the eldest in the family and contribute nothing to home....

Either I scold them, or dad scold me. 2 ways only. So, it's not my choice sometimes to speak out loud!! Besides, dad's a lil pekak haha... so mmg have to talk loudly to him. Not disrespecting him. I'm helping him to stay young. Make him think that he still can hear things clearly, and not letting him know that i have to actually shout when talking to him guaguagua..

Speaking bout angry right.. I am indeed damn angry lor.

I know everyone has got their very own point of view, likings and etc. But then hor, just because you like one thing doesn't mean everyone else has to feel the same as you.

You like big boobs, That's your problem. Not mine. Concern me not.

But then no need go around showing people your 'oh-very-the-DEEP-cleavage'... with the help of push up bra *rolleyes*

Nvm bout that. That is what you want and like to do. I have no rights to say anything. Shall seal that subject.

So what if one is wearing A cup? What does that has to do with you? That's not a good joke to laugh at you lame ass!!

If you're so free to kap people's small boobie, why not spend some good time drooling at big boobies?

Whether I have big or small ones, I don't care... bother me not!! AT ALL!!! I do not have low self esteem like you! Because I know, I am capable and I dont need to depend on big boobs nor good looks to complete a task. 21st century women are strong and tough and do not depend on outer beauty to do things! Besides, I am prettier and hotter than YOU!!!

Small boob mar small lor.. what's the big deal?? You're only one cup bigger wert.. what makes you so grand?? People's milk storing device contains susu, yours is combination of milk and fats.

SO jom jom, let us all activate our imaginary mind. You're (( )) now. So, someday, you decided to cut down ur size to ) ( . Now, like i said, you neh-neh = fats + milk = one cup above A; So, when you diet, burn fat and all, obviously fats at your boobs will be burnt as well. Right? So, means, it'd SHRINK. AT THAT POINT OF TIME WHAT MAKES YOU MORE GRAND ??? I'd bet you'd have wrinkles around it as well *eewwww*. So why acting so proud and arrogant????

Big boobs so what wor?? Do you know big boobs easier get breast cancer??? So what if there's guy wanna phuck you? becuz you have big boobs? and when you're 'on your way to heaven' he kept covering your face with a pillow? That is SOOOOOOOO SAD!!!*teardrops*

I have over a million things to 'zhat' but i did not voice out (till now) cause treat you as a close frens. Whatever lah. I'm being nice but again and again you 'zhat' me.. if not for spies and informers, I will never know who you really are!!

You think people look down upon you n blah blah blah. Can you please, firstly, have some confidence and dont look down on urself? That's disgraceful!!!

Since you're so free to comment on people's assets, please, read some fashion magazine and get rid of your disastrous fashion sense 2) be yourself 3) watch your food and diet


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