Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Exam Timetable

15/March/2008 - Pitman/City and Guild Cost Accounting

22/March/2008 - Pitman/City and Guild Accounting

25/March/2008 - College Finals (Accounting)

26/March/2008 - College Finals (Adv. Biz. Calculation)

27/March/2008 - College Finals ( Biz. Stats)

28/March/2008 - College Finals (Cost Accounting)

22/May/2008 - LCCI ABC and Stats

26/May/2008 - LCCI Management Accounting

27/May/2008 - LCCI Cost Accounting

29/May/2008 - LCCI Accounting

2/June/2008 - LCCI Accounting (extra paper)

Will not update much till everything is OVER. Maybe a bit in April since I'm kinda free.

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